How to prune this geranium bush?

a_shau(San Francisco 8b)February 4, 2014

Hi! This geranium came with the backyard of my rental. Can anyone give me tips on how to prune/clean this up? also, is it suffering from any pest infestations or disease? It's always looked kind of unhealthy, but not sure if that's just because it's not kept well... Thanks!

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You have a case of leaf spot on that geranium. I would trim it right back until all the spotted leaves are gone and dispose of them in a garbage bag--do not compost. Make sure you clean up and dead leaves that have fallen and pick off dead or half dead leaves.

When you are trimming it try to trim back to a leaf joint. All new growth comes from a leaf joint. Then spray it with a fungicide for leaf spot. Get some time release fertilizer and sprinkle it as per package directions in the soil around the plant and scratch it into the soil so it stays there when watering.

Pruning back a geranium is the best way to promote new growth. Remember all new growth comes from a leaf joint so cut just above it

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