Probably too soon to get excited...

lavender_lass(4b)December 7, 2010

I know some of you visit the rose forums, as do I, and know of the concerns over Rose Rosette Disease. There has been so little research done on this topic...and much of it seems to be outdated.

Anyway, I've been e-mailing Washington State University, hoping that someone in their agricultural research deparment might look into this subject. Although eastern Washinton has not had problems with RRD, it's been a serious threat to roses in many areas of the country.

WSU was the first state university in the nation (I believe it was a state college back then) to have a Master Gardener's program. They were the pilot program, for the many that have followed. I'm hoping they'll at least think about spending some time researching this serious threat to roses.

So, it's probably too soon to get excited, but I just wanted to say MAYBE there's hope. If anyone else knows of a university or research facility that may be interested, please encourage them to think about looking into RRD. If we don't do something soon, we may lose many, if not most, of our roses.

On a brighter note, rose catalogs are beginning to appear at my door! :)

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I was right, it was too soon to get excited...

While they are returning my e-mails, I don't think WSU understands the RRD concerns. They've only heard about how RRD is a 'great' way to control invasive wild rose.

If nothing else, maybe they'll find a grad student who needs a research project :)

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

LL, i think its fabulous you are trying to get someone to take csre of this threat to our roses. I just wonder if is something they ll think about when its so widespread they cant do much. Im so grateful we dont have that rose replant disease they have in Europe. That would be just as frustrating!

What catalogs have you received? I found heirlooms in the mail , what a beautiful catalog! but the bands are a little small for my taste. I saw rougue valley rose online and i love how organized it is. Im going to splurge on a couple of their large roses., in particular one called Lupes Buttons. Its so pretty!
I have to sign up for more catalogs to get me thru the winter!

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Thanks, Lilyfinch :)

So far, Northland Rosarium and Heirloom Roses. I'm hoping to get a David Austin, soon, although I never buy any...but their catalogs are so pretty.

My mom does buy some, but usually from Northland Rosarium. They're an hour away, so we drive over to pick up the roses and save a lot on the shipping and handling charges!

I have a few roses from Heirloom and ordered a bunch from Rogue Valley Roses and Northland Rosarium last year. They've all done very well. I'd order more, but the deer keep snacking on them (they were good until fall) so I have to see how the roses look this spring. I think they'll be fine :)

I also got some beautiful John Cabot roses from Lowe's last year. They are hardy to zone 3 and they're huge! No one knew what they were and they aren't tea roses, so they were on clearance for $3 a piece! I hope they have more this spring...they also had some really nice Sweet Surrender roses around Mother's Day. I got two for my mom and they were just beautiful all summer...and they have a wonderful fragrance!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

How were the size of the bands from rougue valley? Ive never heard of northland rosarium so im going to look at that site now. I think its great you have rose nurseries in driving distance! Id go broke. One nursery nearby gets roses directly from david austins site, but they charge 34.99 a rose! SO i had to wait for end of summer for the half off sale (still no bargain).
The best deal i had last summer was 2 Bonica shrub roses for 4.25! I wish they had fragrance but they repeat well and are disease resistant . I also got a new dawn for 7 dollars and i just know im going to love it when it grows big.
3 dollars for those large roses is a heck of a deal! i love a good bargain.

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Rogue Valley Roses sent very nice bands, but the roses from Northland Rosarium, I think, grew even faster and were also very nice bands.

I would get roses from both nurseries, again. In fact, I liked the Heirloom Roses, too. Their bands were smaller, but they did very well over last winter. The others were all planted last summer, so we'll see how they get through this winter.

Carol at Northland Rosarium is great about answering questions, so you might want to check out their website. I just got a winter newsletter today...and they said they're going to have even more David Austin roses next spring! :)

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been away for a while (got addicted to online bingo LOL).

anyway, I did a quick search on the subject of RRD and it seems the internet has provided plenty of information.. Here's one

Here is a link that might be useful: RRD

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Hi there. Can someone translate 'bands' for me? It's not a term I've come across. It is what I'd call a bottomless pot?

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Flora- Rose bands are baby roses....with good root systems. It's how they ship the roses from the rose nurseries, rather than in pots. They're smaller, but (mine at least) grew really fast, once they were planted :)

Ianna- Thanks for the link. Good to see you...what online bingo? Maybe it's better, if I don't know. LOL

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bingo luau - it's kind of fun. No money out, you just get to earn 'virtual tokens'. There's also scrabble and boggle. Just online games with no money out.

I am growing a succlent garden in my basement. It's rather fun to see these silvery echeverias, kalanchoes and jade plants growing to happily indoors. I am concentrating on a living wall project next season so hopefully my babies will have multiplied and be fully grown by spring.

I kind of gotten disengaged with gardening overall but then it's winter. I am into knitting lately. I've so far knitted scarves, hats and right now, I'm learning to knit a sock. All self taught. My daughter is my guinea pig. Then again wacky knit styles are popular. It doesn't help that knittng cafes are everywhere in Toronto and not far from my workplace is a large store specializing in all kinds of yarn -- so tempting yarns of all colours and textures. I'm always there spending my hard earned money on skeins.

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