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baci(z10Ca)February 10, 2006

I recently acquired some scented geranium cuttings through a kind trader. I checked them the other day & noticed some of the best cuttings suddenly disappeared, as if pulled out. The smaller cuttings were still there, and unfortunately the best ones were taken.

Is there some kind of pest that would do this? Do cats, rats, or possums eat these plants?

I have a theft problem, but I want to figure out whether a pest might pull out these plants first. I have had a couple of varieties of scented geraniums for a couple of years out of reach and they have never been affected. This kind of makes me sick as I know how hard these are to get ahold of.

I went ahead & pulled what I had & bought it indoors. Thanks in advance for any info.

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I did some research & found no pest eats whole cuttings, so I will bump this down.

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