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shawnee(zone 5/6)February 15, 2006

I have been told I am starting too late on geraniums from seed and wondered if anyone out there has bought geranium plugs before and where they purchased them. For resale in May to June IS this too late to start? Placed seed orders in Jan. and thought they would send right away. Had to call them all and prod them into action. Learned lesson hard way. Thanks!

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You haven't said just where you if we're talking California or Florida, you may think its too late.
But its not....spring or summer is still a good time to plant seeds for zonal or other pelargoniums.

Geranium is not a plant to want to copy its parents...they are particularly unreliable in this way.
Martha Washingtons..(Regal geraniums) also do not lend themselves to good seed germination.

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