Over wintered stored geraniums

garden_grammie(SE Pa.)February 20, 2014

My cardboard boxed over wintered geraniums are now potted up in my front window are starting to leaf out! In October I took them out of my flower boxes and stored them in the basement in cardboard boxes in my crawl space. I potted them up last week during one of our many snow storms and today I noticed they are leafing out and coming back to life. Yea!! Come on Spring!!!!!!!!!

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This is the first year my geraniums stayed alive through the winter. I am so excited, I have no buds on them yet but I have 4 I grew last spring and they are alive!! I kept them in the sun and watered a little.

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Patty zone 5

I kept some inside the house this winter and a few in my attached garage which is unheated but seems to be ok for overwintering. I have brought the ones out of my garage and they have put out new growth too.

Here is my first opening bloom though on one that was overwintered inside the house....Classic Light Salmon was the name on the tag....

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Just barging in to cheer "yeah!" to Garden Grammie and everyone for surviving their geraniums. How lucky you must feel.

Patty: that colour looks so soft and pretty. The plant looks fairly big?

I've kept mine beneath shop lights and they've done well. Only problem is some grow tall quite fast and I've had to cut them back lots, which leads to trying to root the cuttings, which has usually worked, which led to many more plants than I'm going to have room for soon! Yes, spring needs to come - now!

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Patty zone 5

LOL.....too many is a much better problem to have than losing too many. :)

The geranium above came with a tag that only said "Classic Light Salmon" and it is a soft salmon colour. I almost didn't overwinter it, but at last minute brought it in last year. Now I am glad I did because it has rewarded me with my first flowers.

It is one of my bigger indoor ones because most of them I cut back in February drastically to try to force more side shoots and so that they wouldn't grow as tall and spindley. This one however, I left. This image shows the flowers open.

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Patty zone 5

Oh, and the lighter green leaves in the background of this pic are from a plant from same garden centre called "Classic Salmon" and they are a bit darker. No buds on them yet.

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Red Geraniums in Tin Cans
I started my bright red geraniums from seed. Sprouted next to a wood stove in winter. I have them on the semi-shade patio in the summer but here in AZ, I bring them inside to bloom all winter in front of a huge SE facing window. This year broad mites attacked. I thought it was cultural, so repotted, fertilized. let dry out, watered more. By the time I realized MITES, the plant's leaves were twisted, discolored and the flower/tips were stunted. I dipped the plant, pot and all in 110 degree water for 15 minutes. I removed all flowers, bud and leaves. Bare Stalks! I put them outside on the patio and LO..new growth, bright green and even a flower stalk forming. I am going to remove that stalk to let the plant develop its roots and leaves but I am so pleased. Indestructible! I have plants that were more exotic and valuable but those geraniums, my favorite leafy pets!

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julescap(z6 NE)

This is my first try also, at overwintering my beautiful coral colored ivy geraniums. I think I may have waited too long to get into pots.I didn't pot them up until end of March,last week. Right now they are all looking very poorly. Do they usually look pretty bad and hopeless before they come back to life? I brought them into unheated unheated garage workshop in Oct,shook the soil off,cut them back and stored in brown paper bags.

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

julescap, the first winter your bare-root geraniums may begin to go downhill sometime in March, or even February if they are less mature. That's what happened when I first tried to overwinter them in my basement... a few of them were too far gone to come back. Now my plants are all multi-year and very mature so they last for several months at least. It's pretty obvious when a plant is still in good shape and when it has been left in the box for too long.

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