Looking for Edgeworthia chrysantha, Red Dragon

frankielynnsie(7B)February 12, 2011

Does anyone know where I can find Edgeworthia chrysantha, Red Dragon in the Atlanta to northeast area of Georgia?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

A cursory search didn't even turn up any reputable on-line nurseries with that particular cultivar, at the moment.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Try calling Gardenhood, they may need to call you back (and they are closed until next week) but someone there should be able to find it for you if it's available! (404) 880-9848

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Thank you, I have looked online too but I don't want to spend a fortune for a stick. I will try Gardenhood.

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If you end up finding and planting one of these, please keep us posted! I'd be interested to know how it works out for you. Years back, we tried a red-throated edgeworthia cultivar ('Jitsuko') a few times, with no luck whatsoever. It turned out to be one of those wonders you chase after with the highest hopes, only to be disappointed.

We tried cuttings, and then grafts on "very hardy" rootstock straight from Japan, and they all died. The single survivor was not fragrant, but was absolutely stunning while it lasted. Since the online marketing claims 'Red Dragon' is fragrant, and relatively hardy, I'm curious to know how it holds up!

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I got mine from Pike Nursery in Roswell....I have seen them at Pike Nurseries in other locations...mine is growing in part sun to shade and is beautiful..slow growing, but you can smell it across the yard.

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Try straight line landscapes. Their website is straightlinelandscapes.com
They and a landscape company but get all kinds of really nice plants

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Fishermade-did they have the Red Dragon or just the regular one? I had minor surgery today in Cumming and checked out the Pikes there and they did not carry that one. But I didn't go away empty handed. They had Daphne's and my Daphne died 2 yrs ago, it lived 15 years robustly and smelling wonderful, then just died dead one winter.

I'll try straight line landscapes.

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I have both of the edgeworthias and My red Dragon is the fav. the two but the bloom on the red dragon like better than the yellow one But the fragrance on the yellow is about 8ft. and outstanding.RD seems top be slower
growth than the yellow Got the yellow one from Pikes and the dragon from Wayside Gardens at first they sent me a stick BUT when i called for a replacement they were very friendly and replaced with not problems I love them(edgeworthia) very much and beside the daphane odora Feb is full on a sweet fragrance But don'tget to close the fragrance is overwhelming

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