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herboilFebruary 20, 2008

I just wanted to start a new one. I want to extend great thanks to GGG( the hottie), squirrel, Vickie, shot and JMZ and all the others who read along and were inspired by us boisterous folk; AND the ones who wanted to remain shy( go ahead and register and post you slackers!)

The last thread was awesome, but the title was too daring. Here goes again


I like the sound of your new projects. It sounds like you need some good workers to do in some weekends and make some good work for you.

What sort of trees will you plant for a border? I imagine you mean fast growing sound proof trees. Would Magnolias do? I have several four footers I can dig and bring over.( wild locations) What else might work?

I myself am hand watering too, but also I have cool neighbors, plus I never over water so I never got the police called for my watering last year.

This year with my improved rain barrel ideas I wonÂt have to worry about anything at all( hopefully)


a nice melon or what!

Did you grow that one?

Where about do you live?

Post a pic of more of what you do!

Did anyone else loose some seedlings to Sundays MAJOR downpours? I swear two of our gutters gave way and there was a river in my backyard It was a mighty wakeup call. Plus my rain barrel is overfull!

I herby summon forth all able body tippers to register and speak forth on not only the Georgia gardeners page but the world around you. Come share in any forums any website has to offer SPEAK YOUR MIND! And be free, freed by the solitude and strength the fortitude of wellness that is provided.

Further more, to stick to subject.

On the subject, I picked up three blueberry bushes and two golden fall raspberries.. I am happy to see what they do in four years. PLUS I one upped my seedling supply and peat pots with more herbs and more!

My mother( of whom I live with as well as my father, brother and his GF) says that I need to clean off the kitchen table! Right now it has a huge pineapple plant, three avocado trees and more herbs on it.. I will have to make do and move my stuff.

Ended up replanting about 15 volunteer anise hyysop today, I placed them around my applie tree and did a sweet border with my hand-made adobe bricks( I love the look these give)

Right now I need to put some stuff on hold, unfortunately. I am planning to build a greenhouse this summer for next year so I don't have all these space issues I am dealing with now.

I keep saying I need the spring. I WANT THE HEAT!

Be well,


The Herb Oil

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hey Herb Oil,
Thanks for the offer of the magnolias, but they would be too huge! Oh, my. I am thinking of Thuja green giant evergreens perhaps? A whole row of them down the side from front to back, pretty much. The front leads up to a narrow side of our yard, which also needs some blocking and sound proofing. Against the house I will run a series of some sort of water catchment system as you won't be able to see it from the rest of the yard.
I don't water with the hose at all anymore. As a matter of fact, our spiggot broke and I am not going to fix it. I will try to work just with the barrels and did OK last year. What is planted and survived the drought last year will hopefully survive this year too.
What a beautiful day out today. The street was relatively quiet and I got the front porch washed and pretty much ready to paint. Want a good vantage point to the garden, just in case we get more rain and things look really good :) Am hopeful!!

We plant to do some major work this year again on our side property. Lots of edibles in raised beds, improving the clay that came out of the basement to fill the beds. I could use the backs of 20 strong men. And a few who are handy with making walls. Fence workers would be handy too. But all that will have to wait for now. You do what you can when you can.


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shot(8 - GA)

Mornin' Herb, GGG and others that may drop by.

You guys have been busy! LOL @ Herb and his "family feud". Can imagine someone coming in to fix a snack and finding the table covered with such.

GGG - glad you said STRONG men... whew... We have to repaint the front porch soon also and don't look forward to that task.

Herb, I tell people that I live at 13th and plum. Thirteen miles from town and plum back in the sticks! We (myself and wife) live on 52 acres located between Dublin and Eastman (home of Stuckey's Candies) near small town of Cadwell. When I was a kid growing up I use to hunt and roam this land which at that time was part of large farm which was later broken up and sold. I was lucky enough to buy this portion of it towards the end of my retirement. I retired in '96 after 25 years with the Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff's Office and moved back 'home' the same day as I officially retired. I found out early that there is no profit in a small farm, so now I mainly just have a large garden. Another hobby is woodworking so I have a fairly well equipted shop to pursue that interest. My wife loves photography so with the invent of digital photography has taken hundreds of pictures of everything ranging from grandkids (her fav) to birds.

Thanks to ESH (Ed) I was introduced to Photo Bucket where I have a few albums. Feel free to have a look.

About the watermelon in pic. Yes, that was a 37 pound Black Diamond and was sweet as Mother's Milk.

LQQks as if we might get some more rain today, so may be spending more time on the computer. Yesterday was picture perfect and I replaced the blades on the lawn mower. An old saying - "
Give the laziest man the hardest job and he will find a easier way of doing it". SO TRUE! The lawn mower is quite large (54" cut, ztr) with 3 blades, so I took my tractor and used a boom to attach a chain to the front of the mower to pick it up to where I could get comfortably get an air wrench to remove and replace the blades. Is that lazy or what???

Sorry for the ramblings.....


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Shot's Pics in Photo Bucket

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