difference btwn Rozanne and Ingwerson

cltroses(Scott in 7b NC)February 23, 2006

Hello. My landscape architecht recommended I plan Ingwerson geranium, but upon looking at some pictures, I like the blue geraniums like Johnson's Blue and Rozanne better. I did some research and found out that Ingwerson is a microrrhizum. Are Rozanne and Johnson's Blue the same thing? Is there some reason why you'd plant Ingwerson and not the blue varieties? And, what is a microrrhizum? lol...thanks for any help!


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Macrorrhizum's are clump forming hardy geraniums that are an excellent goundcover for shade. They bloom in my zone (6) in late spring, early summer. The flower on Ingwersen's is pink. Because macrorrhizums tolerate dry shade, I grow them under my maple. Rozanne, my favorite, needs more sun. In your zone, part sun may be fine. She has a blue flower. Rozanne is sterile. She grows into a clump that flops into a large clump. She starts to bloom in late spring and never stops until October. Last year she bloomed into November for me. Johnson's Blue has a similar flower to Rozanne and similar light requirements but does not bloom as long.

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