anyone have this Calycanthus Floridus "sweetshrub"

sunpetalJune 23, 2013

Anyone have this plant
Calycanthus floridus 'Athens'
(Athens Sweetshrub)

A dense, rounded deciduous shrub which grows up to 9' tall. Features very fragrant, yellow flowers (2" across) which bloom at the end of short branchlets in May. Flowers give way to brownish, urn-shaped fruits (seed capsules) which mature in the fall and persist throughout the winter. Lustrous, dark green leaves to 6" long which turn golden yellow in the fall. Good cut flower. Common names include Carolina allspice or sweetshrub or strawberry bush in reference to the fragrant blooms. The species of this cultivar is native to Eastern North America.

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to full shade. Grows somewhat taller in shade than in sun. Tolerant of a wide range of soils, but prefers a rich loam. Prune immediately after flowering. Excellent specimen near the front door, patio or other living areas where the fragrant scent may be enjoyed, or for the shrub border.

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Yes i have this plant Fragrance is excellent reminded me a bit of michelia figo your plant is way bigger than mine tho i only had 2 flowers on mine last year loved the scent :)

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i have one but i find that the species plant that i grow is more fragrant than 'athens'. smells fruity like ripe apples and strawberries to me. the fragrance is more pronounced on warm, dry days.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Sun petal, I think I've seen Hartlage Wine (non-fragrant variety) at the Armstrong in Claremont. You would probably have to get them to special order the variety you want from Monrovia though. Also they may be able to get the fairy magnolia too. Just make sure their Monrovia reference is up to date.

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