zonal markings fading on pelargonium

mercy_leighFebruary 19, 2014


Does anyone know what causes the zonal markings on certain pelargoniums? Mine is about five years old and the brilliant burgundy horseshoe markings started fading/not showing up after the second year. Since then, I have periodically searched for an answer to what promotes the markings with no luck. I had become resigned that it may have been some nursery hoodoo beyond my amateur means and does not take away from my love of the plant. Last month, a few of the leaves began showing the zonal marks again and I am hoping I can find an answer to encouraging the characteristic.

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I've grown geraniums for years. I take some of mine in every fall and let them grow under reduced time under my lights. I then take cuttings in the spring.

I have noticed that as geraniums get older those marking tend to fade. Even the ones with just a little difference in leaf color eventually turn solid green.

There is really nothing you can do to bring back the leaf color. This doesn't bother me because I grow them for the flowers not the leaves.

If you really want to keep the color on other plants you might consider starting some from seed. They are really easy to grow from seed but do take about 3 months to get to the flowering stage.

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