Mali Chaat

plantsforever(zone 6)June 22, 2014

Here is a pic of the Mali Chaat I bought last summer. Had bought another jasmine, lost both tags and only one of the two barely survived. Pretty disappointed as they were quite expensive and plants were very small and shipped bare root. Anyway, here is a pic of the Mali Chaat's first flowers of the year .

Is it normal for this jasmine to be so slow in attaining any size?

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Plants..Why do you plant them in such huge pots?

If you are using very porous mixes that would be ok, but if potting soil or mix in which particles are very small, you could loose a few..Maybe this was the problem..

If you are using the common bagged mix sold at store or nurseries, why not use a smaller pot to discourage root rot and encourage the roots to fill the container while your plant can also focus on top growth...

Also you must fertilize on a regular basis to encourage root mass and girth above the soil line in your pots..

They do take forever to grow if not provided the very right conditions which = consistent good sunlight, fertilizer and a porous mix..if you get winter like me, they will take twice as long to grow verses anyone living south in warmer climates and a higher angle to the sun all year.



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