Where can I buy unusual pelargoniums for containers?

loisma(z5 Taos, NM)February 5, 2011

I want to buy some interesting/unusual geraniums, i.e. pelargoniums/zonal geraniums to grow in containers in z5a, Taos, NM. I can get regular pelargoniums/zonal geraniums from local nurseries, but they are mostly the standard types for this area.

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Hobbs Farms is an online vendor of a wide range of geraniums (pelargoniums), including dwarfs, scented and fancy leafed zonal varieties. Perhaps they have what you are looking for. They label their webpage "specialty geraniums not found in garden centers" if that's any help :-)

Geraniaceae is another specialty geranium nursery that does mail order and they do have a selection of unusual pelargoniums but no zonals.

Here is a link that might be useful: specialty geraniums

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I suppose the word "unusual" is like beauty ...in the eyes of the beholder. Since there are many outstanding colors and forms of this plant you shouldn't really have to go beyond visiting your local full service garden nurseries to see all the new strains.
If you wait until mid summer to want to change from the 'old' usuals, you will, of course, be disappointed.
A trip to the nursery early....when the new stock comes in would be a good time to ask whether the nursery can satisfy your search. If you have something definite in the way of a type geranium, speak to the nurseryman who might, either show you his selections or inform you where you can purchase it.
Going online is a bit chancy.....you would be taking a person's idea of what makes an unusual plant...in his eyes instead of trying to see for yourself what is available.

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