Jasmine obsession

teka2rjleffel(z10FL)June 23, 2006

Living in Florida, of course I have some jasmine plants. It is required after all. At a recent plant swap I got two new ones. They are so wonderful, now I want every jasmine out there. Any suggestions on where to purchase unusual ones or anyone interested in trading rooted cuttings? I have six that I can think of right now.



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Hi Nancy - Which Jasmine did you get? I like jasmine too.


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I got Grand Duke, Maid of Orleans and Belle of India. I also have night blooming jasmine, day blooming jasmine, Lakeview (orange) jasmine, confederate jasmine and another gorgeous Sambac, but I'm not sure which one it is. I've had it for a while.

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Great selections Nancy!


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There are a number of Florida nurseries that carry unusual jasmine varieties, including one that cannot be named here (initials are "TT") and gardino, both on the web. Kartuz in california has a good selection, though not all are available at any one time.

I currently grow 5 "jasmine" type plants, and I'm still looking for a true jasminum odoratissimum with decent fragrance, so I share the obsession!

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

Yes, TT is where I got all of my Jasminum Sambac. I think I have all varieties of this plant.

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HI Nancy,
Which of your Jasmine is the most highly fragrant?

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karen_b_z9(z9, SAC, CA)

I have maid of orlean but I don't think it is big enuf to really smell from a distance. My night blooming is unbelievable!! Just a few flowers and I can smell when I open window to courtyard....don't want that one to get too big...will be too much! I also have babies of the pink (winter) which was too small to bloom last winter and another one...will have to find which one it is. Also have a jasmine out fron that is grown all over California...very common but don't know name?? Want to get more, too!!

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