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fedup321(7 NC)February 23, 2005

Just been lurking and reading about how to and when to and ...I bought these four plants earlier in the year..maybe june or so..and they hung on the porch all season intil I brought them in for the winter..end of october..I water them when they get dry etc..They have never stopped growing and the blooms are prettier now than ever..now my question...

Do I have to cut them back like I have read, and stop them from growing and then put them out again in the spring..or can I just leave them like they are??

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

They look great to me. I think you could gradually acclimate them to being outdoors again in Spring, fertilize and carry on from there. Or, you could trim them back some to remove any legginess from artificial lighting if you wished.

Mine haven't been brought in, are still outdoors on my porch and they do have some frost damaged foliage (but are still blooming). I'll be cutting those back and fertilizing in about 2 weeks... they've never had a rest, or been repotted. I'm just careful to use a water soluble fertilizer, which I mix only about half strength, a couple of times per month beginning in March.

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I'm rather surprised they've done as well as they look.
Its hard to speculate whether they are in fact gangly...have grown spindly by the lack of sunlight, but they do seem to be in the best of health.

If they are in fact spindly, have no strength in their stems, they would be ripe for cutting back ....how you choose....but I suggest at least by one-third.

The cutting back will push the plant to produce new growth, and eventually new bloom.

I also suggest you not fertilize until new growth is in evidence. Then do so with a half-rate liquid 20/20/20 until foliage is well along.

Do see to them draining well after each watering and give them the best sun you can.

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fedup321(7 NC)

Diane or any one...they have not been repotted either..should I do it first and then cut them back after they recover from that shock..or cut and wait until new growth.......OR?

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