Foundation plant for front of house

Marge12345April 13, 2012

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and Naples, FL and so glad I found both.

I have lot of questions but will start with just one :).

We moved into a new home which has arbecola (sp) variegated in the front. Our home is very light color not quite white stucco. I do not like the yellowish/light green of the plants in front of the house.

Any suggestions? I have been reading about Green Island Ficus which does not have invasive roots as the other ficus. I love its dark, glossy leaves. Also the landscaper suggested Wax Jasmine or Carissa Holly. The plantings will be kept short up to 3' so not to interfere with the windows.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

1 - What direction does the front of your house face?
2 - Sun or shade? (Any trees to provide shade?)

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Our house faces West and gets sun from 12 noon on. No trees in front only small plants. It is a narrow strip of planting area in front of our house about 4 feet wide from our house foundation to pavers for the driveway and parking area.
The arbecola is doing well but I do not like the variegation colors playing off our house. The front of our house looks so blah and washed out. Dark green plants would look so much better. That's why I was thinking Green Island Ficus. I need something short or at least something that I can trim so our windows don't get covered.
Something 3 feet or so.

Am fearful of ficus next to the foundation even if it is a "slow grower" and not like the other ficus plants. But love its looks.

Really need some guidance.


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I like a lot of color rather than just green, so you may not be up for what I like, but since your area is not that large, what about copper plant or crotons? Both warm colors that would tone well with an off-white, assuming it has warm rather than cool undertones.

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Good suggestion but what I did this winter was to plant small annuals in front of the foundation plants. This worked well with the arboricola when I planted pink/red impatients this winter. Gave it lots of color.
Still looking for ideas to use dark green plants, must be the Irish in me ;).

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I did good ole boxwood under my front Windows. But they barely get any sun. If I had your sun, I would have done Indian Hawthorn.

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Carissa is a nice dark green if you don't mind the thorns.

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