fyi, ggg posted an official swapping thread over on exchange page

squirrellypete(z7b AL)March 29, 2013

Hope to see ya'll there!

On an odd note, I don't know why but no matter how I try it, Gardenweb is not letting me use capital letters in the Subject line. I type it and it looks fine, then when I click "preview message" it makes them lower case. Very weird!

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I looked in exchanges but couldn't find it. Can you put a link?

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Here it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: This year's swap

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I'm bumping this because there has been very little response on the exchanges forum. If we are holding this trade, I'd like for at least 10 people to come please. It's a lot of work to get it going!!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

On the Florida Gardening forum, we always plan and discuss all of our get-togethers/round-ups in the main forum. Otherwise, many people would miss it over on the "Exchanges page. Even if you post a link to it, many will not open the post. Just an idea.

I hope your gathering is a big success!

Carol in Jacksonville

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi everyone. I've been gone this last week and just got a chance to pop in to see what's going on.

GGG, my Mom and I will be there and will bring something yummy so that's at least 2 lol. Our friend unfortunately had to cancel.

Carol, thank you for the advice. I think they've actually always used the Exchange page for this group's swaps with great success, I'm not sure what's going on this year. It's always a very lengthy thread, sometimes we even have to start a new one because it gets so long.

For anyone interested in pre-arranging trades, I'm going to be posting a fairly large trade list shortly to the exchanges thread. Lots of goodies from roses and daylilies to evergreen shrubs, tomatoes and eggplants! GGG's Swap thread is linked below:

Here is a link that might be useful: 2013 Spring Swap

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Alrighty, I'm posting this here as well as in GGG's Swap thread on the exchanges page:

Okee Doke, here's the rundown. Wantlist is posted toward the bottom. You can reply here or message me privately to arrange pre-trades.

'Black Beauty' Eggplant -- 2 transplants
'Annapolis' Strawberry Plants -- many
Daylilies --
-- President Betty Williams
-- Stella De Oro
-- Wild Horses
-- Pandora's Box
-- Leebea Orange Crush
-- Chorus Line
-- Sammy Russell
Pink-purple creeping Phlox
'Pink Princess' Weigelia -- many young rooted cuttings
Loroptealum -- small rooted cuttings
'Royal Red' Butterfly Bush
'Nanho Blue' Butterfly Bush
'White Profusion' Butterfly Bush
'Black Knight' Butterfly Bush
'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bush
'Madame Plantier' Rose
'Hot Lips' Salvia
Mock Orange -- small rooted cuttings
Rosemary -- small rooted cuttings
'Radrazz' Knock Out Rose
'Rainbow' Knock Out Rose
'Crippsii' False Cypress -- small rooted cuttings
White Spirea -- small rooted cuttings
'The Fairy' Rose
'Limelight' Artemesia
Variegated Weigelia (have 1)
'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea
'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia
'Green Mound' Juniper
'Golden Showers' Climbing Rose
Confederate Rose (I think it's white with pink blush)
Red Chrysanthemum -- rooted cuttings
Double Hollyhocks -- currently small sprouted seedlings
Early Girl Tomatoes -- transplant size ready for planting
Ferry's Round Dutch Cabbage -- currently small sprouted seedlings
'Fort Knox' Yellow Bell pepper plants -- have 2

Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, anything interesting whether hybrid or heirloom.
Fruits -- raspberries, fruit bearing trees, Grape vines, muscadine vines, etc...
Dark-veined or black Elephant Ear
Any colorful bearded Iris (any color but white)
Brugmansia any color
Daylily varieties I don't have -- I have around 200 so if you have any you'd like to trade just let me know what you've got and I'll tell you whether I already have it or not. Especially looking for 'Caribbean Whipped Cream' to replace one that died.
Water Lilies
Those large purple hydrangeas people have been growing in the South for years. I know localized pH affects color but these don't look like my Nikkos when I see them in people's yards.
A truly red Crape Myrtle -- not hot pink/magenta. I've seen them in yards, just can't find them in stores.
'Mona Lavender' Plectranthus
Cross Vine
Japanese Blood Grass
Laceleaf Japanese Maples -- such as 'Crimson Queen', 'Sango Kaku', etc....

Tulle/netting/row cover material
Weed barrier
Chicken Wire, hardware cloth, hogwire or livestock fencing
PVC Pipe/fittings
Dripline pipe/fittings
Old water hoses
Plastic pots, carrying trays, etc....(especially square pint pots and their carrying trays, 18 cell landscapers flats, 1 gal pots and smaller. I always need these for the greenhouse starts and rooted cuttings.
8" X 16" concrete cinder blocks
Rebar of any length and thickness
Round brooder style lights, sometimes they have a clamp
Fluorescent Lighting fixtures
Pond Liner material or pre-formed liners
2 Gal watering cans
5-6 gallon plastic buckets
Large cat litter pails -- the ones that hold roughly 30 lbs of litter with a lid and handle

Whew!! I'm exhausted!

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Sqirrelypete, it sounds like you are bringing everything. I am still working on getting my plants together. 5 weeks out from complete spinal reconstructive surgery. Getting around without bending, twisting, lifting. Have been puttering outside, figured out how to pull a few weeds with long handled tools. I have so far
11 White Geyser Guara- love it, gets easy 3'x4-5'', can thrive on neglect out by the mailbox.
Dark Black and Blue Salvia not sure how many I can get
Light Black and Blue Salvia, same as above
Pink Raspberry Bee Balm
1 small start Cameo Quince, bloomong now ( almost thornless, Salmon), will only dig if someone specifically wants it for special trade
Purple asters
Hardy mounding geranium, the aromatic ones.
cilantro and parsley
I will try to copy this to the exchange page got started here, oops

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I've been wondering how you are doing! I'm glad to hear you can get out. I'm dealing with a similar situation but trying to avoid having to have that surgery (which would also include my neck). I'm so behind! No seeds started yet!!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

So far it looks like there are only 5 of us who have posted lists and definitely seem interested in this trade.
I'd really like to find some more people in the next week who are committed to coming,


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Wow.....where is everyone lol. I'll understand if you feel the need to cancel. That's a long drive for us too if only a few are coming.

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Hey, maybe if we just do a new thread in both places, as "Spring Plant Trade 2013". Copy everything absultely pertinent to the event and go from there. I read some were unclear about it if they were not following it from the winter.
GGG- I am told I am doing better than 99% of people who have this surgery, I am 'younger than most', healthy and active enough, the Ptherapist said he could they would have to put a bit in my mouth to hold me back. Almost, it is hard to keep me down, and I may be pushing it a bit. Mine is called a long segment fusion, illeac fixation, then from sacrum to T10. I also have a C5, 6 , 7 fusion that is over 15 years old. This surgery was a long time coming, the objective was a complete reconstuctive correction because of scoliosis, the spina bifida had caused a lot of my problems for 35 years, but the spine was collapsing, causing all the stenosis and nerve compression. Many problems, symptoms, affecting my whole lower body from armpits down. It was a tough pill to swallow, but it was not hard to decide to do it, the other options meant not walking, etc, eventually losing all function of my lower body. I was going to email you, but didn't see the option, hope your back doing better, maybe it would be best for just a smaller group. I would still be in, and have a friend who loves to trade, etc. she is just not active here. It is up to you entirely. I have been here about everyday, I'll keep checking in. :-)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I'm so glad you are doing some better. I'm also doing some better, but it's a long, slow healing process.
As for the trade, it is an LOT of work getting things ready for just a few (no offense, I love you all!) and hard work. It will take me about two weeks (including hiring some physical help) to get things done. I do about 2 hrs of stretching/exercise daily and also have to get to therapy three times a week (and that takes a total of 3-4 hrs out of my day).
I've been considering how to do this all, and also get you here and home easily. Our neighborhood is now having a huge car show that day, so many of the roads will be inaccessible. The car show is so much fun, it just makes it hard to get around!!

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Plastic pots of all sizes, and even some carry trays.
Dozens upon dozens.

Amazing Purple Bearded German Iris...

Red Raspberry climatized to GA-


Fresh Edible organic Elephant Garlic

MARIGOLDS!! I have yellow and orange marigolds planted but can be transplanted easy... have around 120 marigold plants.

Aloe Plants.( for the skin)

PLUM TREES/rooted cuttings. Need to get some pollinators for my PLUM PATCH!

Different apple types, cuttings. Fig cuttings, pear cuttings. blueberry cuttings

I think that's it for now...

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Hey guys and gals, I've posted my email here before. But please contact me at about the trades and details. For some reason GGG, I can't locate your email . SO hit me up! I think you live in Atlanta so depending on the route and my availability, I can make this happen. AND I know how to cook and love to volunteer.

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Wow, I'm so sorry I missed these posts, would love to swap with other Atlanta area gardeners.

herboil, I'm just north of you in Cumming and if you have any raspberries left, I'd love to buy/trade with you.

I purchased a home in February and am working hard to re-hab a terribly neglected yard. The advantage is that I tend to find a surprise just about every day. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Yesterday, I think I found a crepe myrtle sucker far enough away from the parent that has been consumed by a white pine tree to bloom. Both the parent and the white pine are too big for one of them to survive.

I still have waaaaay too many tall bearded iris if anyone is interested. Though, except for a few these are in the second bed and haven't been pulled up so I'm in no rush to find them homes. All one color (see photo), though I have managed to find some really great stuff at Kinsey Family Farms, which is only about 5 miles from me, so there is hope for some great stuff in trades next year.

At any rate, if folks are interested in one-on-one trades, I'd love to talk gardening.

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Glitterati. We had some back issues. We could not make the Spring swap happen, so it will be in the fall. Beautiful Iris, I will trade at least a finger for some of those! Take plenty of photos of all your lovely surprises. for me a picture paints a thousand words, and makes me covet my neighbors plants. sorry, Feeling a bit crazy tonight. Am the crazy plant lady in my neighborhood, so I chase people down the street to give them some of whatever I am dividing. One of my neighbors in IL would come over covered in dirt with her arms full of plants, often it was whole shrubs she was giving away. I was thinking about the swap, as I have been holding some plants I have ready for a friend. I am tired of taking care of them, so I started giving some of them away, and took some to sell at the farmers market yesterday. Then I remembered the swap and that I need to keep the pre-arranged trade plants. I have to look back, I only remember 1 for sure.

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Hey, organic_gardenhag, you can email me if you want some iris now. Still have a full bed where I can pull several if you want them now, or we can wait til the fall swap.

At any rate, your name is on several of these iris.

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