Bamboo Stalk NEEDED

vietzeroMarch 10, 2010

I am looking for some bamboo stalk for my oriental landscaping. If you have some bamboo that you need someone to cut down I am willing to cut them down as long as you let me have the stalk. I live in Forest Park... so if you are somewhat near there then let me know.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Please tell me you're looking for clumping bamboo, and not running bamboo?

Running is invasive and can't be stopped.
Blumping will stay contained in a bundle.

For the sake of keeping invasives in check, and from creating problems for others, I hope everyone thinking about planting bamboo knows the difference and practices responsible planting behavior with regard to bamboo. There are hundreds of threads of folks complaining about clueless neighbors causing them unsurmountable amounts of grief after planting running bamboo, and not doing anything to contain it properly.

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I think this person just wants bamboo canes to use as stakes and for decorative purposes. Not living plants.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Oops. Good call, esh. Sometimes I can't help myself. Sorry.

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I found some bamboo canes thank esh_ga for clearing it out. My friend got a neighbor who have a who lot of bamboo that need to cut down. So we grab a car load of bamboo today. They hurt a whole lot when it whack you in the face. Trust me.. I have the mark to proof it. By the way I do have a bamboo plant. They are in a pot thou so it is very small. How do you get big bamboo cane growing it in a pot? Bigger pot or growing it in a barrel?

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Well it is important to understand that different species of bamboo will have different sizes of canes, even at maturity. Some canes reach as large as an inch (or more), while others are never bigger than half an inch. I read somewhere that the cane never gets bigger than it does after the first 60 days of growth (when the shoot comes out of the ground). That is, an individual cane does not increase in size over several years like a tree. Bamboo is a grass.

When growing bamboo in the ground, it is important to use "clumping" bamboo varieties. Those may even been better when growing in a pot. Check out the bamboo references on the web for more specific recommendations.

Here is a link that might be useful: American bamboo society

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Hello Vietzero:

I have the running bamboo that Esh and Satellitehead are talking about and, yes, it invaded from a neighbor's house. I have been cutting some this week and you would be more than welcome to as much as you like. The canes are twenty to thirty feet long and some have a caliper of several inches; it would make interesting fences or structural pieces.

I have been cutting them into ten and five foot posts for ease of movement, but if you have a trailer you could probably move larger canes.

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nippersdad: Do you still have some bamboo that can be cut? I would like some for the garden to make supports for beans, cucumbers, etc.

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Hello Clint

I'm sorry I did not see this sooner. I have more than enough bamboo for anything you might want it for, and there is still plenty of time to harvest it before your beans get too large. Drop me a line at my e-mail; if you are still interested in getting some.

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