Vareigated gardenia- bud drop

mrao77(TX US zone 7)June 24, 2011

I love fragnant plants but have stayed away from gardenia, due to all the fuss they are (at least that is what I am told!!) I finally caved and am trying a couple now. my first one was a variegated one that I acquired in a swap (dont know cutlivar) that did very well the next spring and put out a whole lot of blooms, that were pale yellow, albeit very fragnant.

This year, complete different story- they set bud, but dropped every single one! Please tell me what could be wrong. I have this plant in a 14" pot, outdoors, afternoon shade (TX, Zone 7a) and indoors in a heated sunroom during winter. I did not change the location or pot this year.

Any suggestions as to what I can do?

In addition, my "frost proof" gardenia that I planted this spring in a flower bed,are looking pathetic after they finished blooming, and 2 out of 5 died! I am now an official gardenia killer..please help!

Thanks y'all!


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

They drop their buds when they are overwatered, underwatered, annoyed in some way....

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Ha, my take of gardenia as 'fussy plants' was not too far fetched :)
As far as I know, it is in good draining potting mix in a decent size pot that drains well, and gets watered every day since it is in TX heat.
Also, the buds dropped progressively, not all at once, and they dried up on the plant before dropping. Does that say something?
Maybe I will have better luck next time.
Thanks for the input!

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A long time ago I had to just accept them the way they are and pray that I could just keep them alive no matter what they do.

That is when they

One would have to know their minds to give them exactly what they need, which is something you CAN master with time, to stay green and in bloom with no one ever knowing what your own plants need exactly. I think I have mastered that on a few thus far, thank goodness, by keeping one alive long enough to get to know it.


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