Old fashioned shrub roses in your cottage garden?

lavender_lass(4b)December 2, 2013

I love old fashioned shrub roses. All mixed in with perennials and herbs (a few bulbs) they seem like the ideal cottage garden. Do you have them in your garden? Do they do well in your space? Any pictures?

Here's a few from years past...I need to take some new pictures next spring! :) From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden

And the fairy garden... From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

No overall pics :-(

Enjoyed yours. 'Colette' does well in my small garden. Her smaller blooms blend well and the relaxed shape fits in with salvias, iris, dianthus, etc.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Hi Ll!
I had quite a few in my old Pennsylvania garden . I only have a few in pots now in nashville . I plan on ordering a small handful to build up my collection again.
One in particular that stood out to me that I was really looking forward to enjoying was darlows enigma . What a wonderful scent and grew like a bad weed ! Also buff beauty was gorgeous and smelled great too. The colors changed with the temps. Very healthy and fast growing . I also enjoyed my ballerina rose , as it ( also darlows enigma) was a bee haven.
Another favorite was Abraham Darby .
I am not sure if they qualify as old garden roses , but they are missed for sure! I left a lot behind because the new homeowner expressed interest in keeping them , only to find out she dug most out and gave away. She never even let herself have one flowering season with them! :(
Oh I forgot , the fairy is beautiful shrub rose , while fragrance free it is always in bloom and I mean covered in it. Not old fashioned but has a romantic look to it!
This the fairy , before it really opened

Here's one I've posted before , but ballerina is in front of the statue and the fairy is by the bird feeder .

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Jen- Your garden is so pretty! I'm so sad that they didn't keep the roses, but hopefully they have a good home somewhere else!

I love fairy roses! They're so pretty :)

Iris- Sorry I don't have more pictures...these are from the last few years and the gardens have changed a bit. They're getting so big, it's difficult to capture them in just a few pictures.

Also...very excited about my two NEW roses that I got last night, for my birthday! My husband is still recovering and couldn't get out to shop, so he told me yesterday...go online to Northland Rosarium and choose two roses we can pick up next spring!!

I chose Rhapsody in Blue and Bonny. Such pretty roses! Here are some pictures....

Rhapsody in Blue From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden

Bonny From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden

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I have Thérése Bugnet which is a vigorous hardy shrub rose that gets severely pruned and still grows rampantly. Flowers well and never gets mildew but that may be because of my dry climate.

I also have a Morden rose not technically a shrub rose altho is is very hardy without problems.

My Buck roses are hardy altho I'm not as happy with their growth habit as the others and plan to severely prune them back this spring. They flower very well but are prone to aphids which the others are not.

Your new roses are lovely, hope to see them in your garden in the spring! :)

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