Is there a more fragrant dianthus plumarius than...

perennialfan273(zone 5)June 30, 2008

It'saul white


I want to plant the most fragrant dianthus that there is. I've read about the different types, and dianthus plumarius seemed like the most attractive species because of its hardiness and fragrance. I've also heard that even the foliage is fragrant for some of them! So anyway, tell me what cultivars you recommend from your own personal experiences, but they have to be hardy to zone 5. Also, does anybody here grow agastache? I've heard that agastache cana and agastache rupestris are extremely fragrant, and I've been looking for someone who will trade with me. Finally, are there any other hardy fragrant plants you recommend?

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There are numerous really great, very fragrant dianthus cultivars, with lovely glaucous foliage. I think the best thing might be to select them at the nursery and smell them one's self.

That said, I would like to put in a plug for Dianthus superbus , "White Lace", if you can find it. It used to be easily available and I am sentimentalIy attached to it, but the pink and white mixture, which you could grow from seed (all are really fast from seed, I understand) is probably just as good. You can always select out the white ones.

Note: what passes for it today appears to be Dianthus plumaris "lacy snowflake" -- they are not the same. Superbus is very very deeply fringed, like a spider, and is supposed to waft at night for yards. I never heard that it wasn't hardy, in fact I think it might like the cooler north.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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monarch_girl(5/6 MI)

I would second the white Dianthus superbus! I love the fragrance of mine. I think it is also called the Rainbow of Loveliness. The only bad thing is that my plants only last for 2-3 years and then they need to be replaced.

The scent of lilac Dianthus superbus that I have kind of smells like perfumed soap during the day and the scent much stronger during the evening.

I also liked the Dianthus Tiny Rubies but the flowers are really small.


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