how to find out if zonal-geranium (pelargonium) is dead

samirasoniMarch 12, 2009

this year we had a bad winter. there were many small plants which are now without any leaves or some deadly limbed leaves. are these plants dead or will they come back in spring? shall i throw them or wait to see if some life comes back to those?

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Where are these pels, outside or inside?
The first time I showed my brother-in-law what I had saved from the previous season of half a dozen geraniums, he was convinced the 3 he gave up on were first rate plants that will enjoy another season.
They looked like they were candidates for the garbage heap but that's what needs convincing people the plant is still very much what will return.

Not all annuals can be so saved, but geranium and a few others are able to come back even when they are dried up clumps of ....

The cue is to help them avoid any stress by cutting them back --to as little as 3" - 4", and giving them fresh potting soil, into a clean pot (clay is good) giving them as much sunlight in a window (south or western exposure is ideal...eastern will do too) watering them to drainge, then not watering again until new leaves form.
Turn the plant a quarter turn every day or so to give all parts equal sunlight. Within two weeks, new growth should be well under way. Whether new flower buds appear before going out in May, not to worry, new flowring is a guarantee---as good as it was...maybe even better.

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thanks a lot. I scratched a bit and checked, they do have a sign of life in stems. I have cut them back to 3-4 inch size and pot them in fresh soil. watered and put in the sunny place. I hope they will come back to life.

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one of them showed some sign of life. remaing still dead looking. shall i wait for these?

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