I have a geranium problem

witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)March 17, 2005

I have a geranium problem and it is wonderful. Last fall I potted up several geraniums (some of each color I had) and brought them in to overwinter. I placed most of them in the basement under 4 foot flourecents.

The problem is they have continued to grow and grow and I now have these healthy 2 foot high, bushy green monsters, and it just won't warm up enough to let me go out and work the ground let alone put one of them outside.

Over the years I have tried to overwinter geraniums and never been able to get one to make it through winter. This year I have Not only managed to keep them alive and growing but have successfully rooted several cuttings, and all this after fighting several infestations of bugs brought in on the plants and in the soil.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

What a wonderful problem! Congratulations on your success at overwintering them. Isn't it lovely to have plants performing beautifully for you? I find my pelargoniums (that's the correct name for the plant you are describing, see the FAQs for an explanation of this, real geraniums are perennials that don't get brought in, :-) I only learned this myself a few years ago, so I'm not trying to show off, just help,) to be so cheerful in the winter. I used to have access to big sunny windows at work, and the pelargoniums just bloomed their heads off. So cheery! I changed jobs, which was a good thing, but I miss those windows.

I'm wondering if anyone who brings their pellies (someone else started this nickname, I like it!) in for the winter changes the soil to minimize infestations? I know some folks give them a shower, to wash off freeloaders. Certainly, taking healthy cuttings in the fall, then just bringing those in might be one way to reduce the infestations, but that means going back to small plants and waiting for blooms. I like having the nice blooms in January. (Didn't this year, as last year's pellies got rust real bad. I had to take drastic action, but so far, no more rust.)

Again, congratulations on your wonderful problem!!Yippee!!


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