Japanese Beetles - Are you seeing many?

Julia NY(6)July 13, 2013

This year I've only seen a couple unlike last year. I was wondering if all the rain we've been having is delaying the appearance of them or is it something else.

Are you seeing a lot this year?


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blue23rose(6b IN)

I have had less Japanese beetles this year than any other year in the past 10. What a wonderful relief! I don't know why though. I thought it was because my husband was so diligent about grub control, even though I know the beetles can come from miles and miles around.

I hope they have really diminished and not just been delayed!


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Unfortunately they arrived on schedule here and are abundant. So far not as many as in the past, but still in numbers enough to destroy all my rose blossoms. I was hoping the grubs would have drowned with all this rain but I think it's just that they don't seem to come out as much when it's raining. Yesterday we had one actual SUNNY day and the JB's were out in full force. I get so discouraged.


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They came here as usual (earlier than for you) and I may have had a few less, but they still decimated the roses and other foliage.


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So far not as many as the last couple of years. Last fall I composted all of my cannas as they were a JB magnet. I've also resorted to using a grub control. This last week I also started pulling up all the Asiatic Lillies because of the little red bugs that have been decimating them. A couple of nurseries in the area have stopped selling the because of the invasion. I hate using poison so I've decided to just get rid of plants that attract the blasted things.


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Nancy zone 6

Not quite as many as some years, last year was light with the beetles too. I started out with a lot then they disappeared. I think maybe one of the neighbors must put out beetle traps. Good for them! That or the moles are taking down their numbers. I've tried a trap & got rid of a few moles, but their trails are all over. I read somewhere that there will only be like 2 or 3 moles in an acre, but that surely can't be so. I caught that many last fall & there are more trails now than there were. Although I hate the beetles more thaN moles, so...

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My Japanese beatles are all over the place. They seem worse than in the past. Every time I see one on one of my daylilies, I knock it off and there is a hole there! Little buggers....

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am finding more than usual of those lighter colored Asian Beetles that eat the same things as the Japanese Beetles do.

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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

they are terrible here in central missouri. our house and our neighbors are having a hard time with them.

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