Black Eyed Susan Vine

kajaMarch 7, 2010

Good day y'all!

I want to plant a Black Eyed Susan vine to cover an arbor. I think. I wanted to get some info before I do though. I've got some questions I was hoping y'all could help me out with.

1) I read that the Black Eyed Susan vine is native to the US, which I'm guess means it's a beneficial plant to plant here in GA. Is this correct?

2) Which particular varieties are best suited for the Smyrna area?

3) Is this vine considered invasive?

4) Will this vine be prosperous whether I plant it in the ground or in a container? I've read that it prefers slightly acidic soil, so I realize that's a consideration.

Any thoughts you'd care to share would be welcome. Thank you everyone! I hope everyone enjoy this beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday.


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All I can comment on is that Thunbergia alata (if that is the plant you mean) is not native to the US. Black eyed susan the flower (Rudbeckia hirta) is native to the US.

I have not heard of Thunbergia alata being invasive, however.

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It does grow fast, but its not invasive. If you put it in the ground you are just going to have to dig it up come winter. No way can it make it through the winter here. I usually have one or two in a container and just put them in the garage for the winter. I always see the seeds or the vine in Pikes or the box stores late spring I think...bobby

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Excellent! Thank you both.

I really wanted an annual vine to cover an arbor this year. The arbor is old and will be replaced eventually, which is why I wanted a temporary type of plant. And I didn't want to plant something that'd spread like wildfire if I planted it in the ground - something I'd have to fight for the rest of my days. Sounds like the Black Eyed Susan vine will work just fine for now.

Thanks y'all!


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I planted it last year to cover an old wire fence & we really enjoyed it. Two mistakes I made: if you look at the picture there is a moonflower growing in the midst of the BES vine; first I was going to do moonflowers, then changed my mind & forgot to remove the moonflower. The other mistake...and this was on the seed plant 6" apart. More like 15 inches would be better because these were really crowded.

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Thanks bitsya!

That's a wonderful picture - thank you. It's so very helpful to see what plants will look like. Especially when the photo is not a close up.

The BES certainly is a fine looking plant. I will probably only need to plant one though since the arbor covers a very small area. But should I plant a few more around the yard, I will certainly take your advice and not plant them too closely.


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