trivedi_south(8)March 6, 2010

Has anyone grown Kalanchoe/calanchoe out doors in Atlanta?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Yes, I grow a paddle Kolanchoe. I keep it in a large pot, and put it sort of under one of my awnings all summer as it gets sunburned in direct sun. I bring it inside in the winter and put it in a South facing large window. It goes back out the beginning of May.
Mine, if kept very dry has handled a low in the 30's before but never freezing. I don't want to loose it, so I won't let it freeze.

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Thank you GGG. I just bought some from Kroger.

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I have grown 2 or 3 of the species, but not the hybrids that are found at supermarkets and florists.

Mine were grown in pots, on a south facing patio and were overwintered there. During the winter, I placed the pots against the brick wall of the house and covered the plants with a 4-ply thickness of row crop cover, a light, thin, woven fabric used to protect early crops against frost, among other functions.

That worked well for a number of years. One year, while away from home for an extended period, we experienced an early hard freeze and the unprotected plants became compost!

They are an interesting tropical plant, probably worth the effort, if you have the time to protect and care for them during the winter. I liked them due to their xerophytic nature. They don't take kindly to overwatering, often developing root-rot (Phytophthora & Pythium fungus).

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I had some in containers (but took them in during frosts, they never reflowered after the first go round). Then I left the ones I have put in the GH, they have been in there ALL year even during the summer months! and they are thriving, and ALL have rebloomed. so I guess I have found a home that they like and will cooperate with. The ones' outside always looked shriveled up and sad. Not any more ;)

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