Pellies in pots?

summeronmymind(7)March 31, 2006

I just got a couple beautiful pelargonium plants that are in hanging plastic containers. I'd like to transplant them to some big freestanding pots. (I've never had geraniums or pellies before.) Is there anything I need to know?

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i have got some geraniums that i've been growing for three years in large containers tat have done excellent.i just fertilize once every two weeks with water solubule fert. once the blooms start to darken, go ahead and pick them of,new blooms will shortly follow, its called deadheading.geraniums benefit from this greatly.

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jds - Thanks! Where do you deadhead them - at the bottom of the flower, or at the part of the stem that's right below the cluster of flowers?

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

When I head, I go to the part of the stem that's above the cluster of flowers, just 'cause I don't like looking at the stem spike...
Amanda 'romando'

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