Understory Tree/ Dogwood Varieties

heavenscent(7b Atlanta)March 31, 2008

I plan on planting an understory tree near my pea gravel driveway which is located in shade/part shade near the north side of my yard under giant oak trees.

I would love for the tree branches to grow over the driveway to frame the view from the street. Of course Dogwood is the first variety that comes to mind since it also has a spreading canopy. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a specific variety of dogwood that maybe has a better form, prettier flowers, or any other attributes. I am also open to suggestions for other tree varieties.


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Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess' seems to be a good one, a plus is that the flowers are larger than the species and it flowers at a younger age. Pike Nurseries has carried it in the past. Buck Jones (Grayson/Woodstock) lists it in their catalog in several sizes. They also list Cloud Nine which is said to flower when young as well.

To save gas, I'd call around for availability.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

On a related note, Dogwoods - I've caught wind there is a blight that is killing a lot of Dogwoods right now...we have at least three of them within a 2-block radius of my house that died this past year. Is it a big problem, a problem that some varieties are less susceptible to, or ?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Dogwood anthracnose is the problem. It is very sad, but happens. Mine has been fighting it for years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dogwood anthracnose

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Dogwoods that get more sun are supposedly more resistant than those in shade. These days any cultivars that are developed are considered in light of disease resistance. That's why if you look them up, you will see comments on being "resistant".

People like to transplant dogwoods from the wild, but some folks recommend that buying a cultivar that is known for some degree of resistance is better in the long run.

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