Dying Scented Geranium

HalifaxnsplanterMarch 30, 2014

I have a young, small scented geranium.

After buying it I watered it after a few days, but didn't realize it was sitting in a pool of water - the pot was in another pot and I couldn't see the bottom.

So the plant/roots soaked in water for about 36 hours before I realized.

It looks very weak and dying now. Anything I can do? Its been about two weeks. I haven't watered it again - its very droopy and the leaves are drying and it looks like the bottom of the stem is browning/hardening.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tipped it out of it's pot to look at the roots? I'm hoping for lots of white ones, but if all you see are brown ones, the roots may have died. if you see no roots circling round the soil's perimeter, gently comb away (with a wooden skewer or toothpick, for example) to see if there are roots in that soil.

Gently feel the stem part you say is browning. Is it firm, or squishy?

I could very well be wrong, but is this a scented leaf geranium? The plant looks like a fresh cutting to me that maybe hasn't developed a sufficient root system yet.

Keep out of direct sunlight while it is in this droopy state, and please report back on the condition of it's roots. Great that you included a photo too!

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