Blooming success with Chlidanthus fragrans?

mattdiclemente(7)June 29, 2011

Chlidanthus fragrans is a shy bloomer.

I am very eager to smell its delicate yellow flowers though. Has anyone had success bringing these bulbs into bloom?

I aquired some bulbs last year, and planted them in a pot.

I planted them close together, all in one large pot, as is typically advised. I planted them shallowly to the neck of the bulb (like amaryllis) watered them, and they took off. Unfortunately, they did not flower. They grew well with fine grassy leaves all summer, and I took them indoors in November. They stayed dormant over the winter, but by March, with not encouragement from me, they were showing very ready signs of growth.

I put them outside April 1, and again they took off.

As July approaches howevever, as I realizedthey have still not bloomed, and I begin to fear the great pumpkin has passed me by once again.

Has anyone had better success than I have.

I understand that, if the bulbs are exposed to heat they produce offsetts at the expense of the individual bulb. It is recommended that the pot be shaded, or sunk into cool soil, with the tops in good light. Presumably culture aimed at the developement of the individual mature bulbs aids in flower developement.

Also reccomended is a high phosphate fertilizer in Fall as the bulb goes dormant to promote flower bud developement.

I have not applied this. I grow organically, and I simply did not have any of this kind of fertilizer, but I will see what I can do.

The bulbs I grow got a cool period in fall, a dry period in Winter and another cool period this Spring.

Looking forward to hearing other members success stories!

Best wishes,


Matt Di Clemente

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Where did you get these rare bulbs, and do you have any to exchange? I have quite a rare tropical plant collection...Frank :)

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Hi Frank,

I got them from Brent & Becky's bulbs.
You will be able to get them next year. I don't have any to exchange right now though. They never bloomed for me after several seasons, and I lost them in the hurricane last year. Let us know how you succeed with them in your climate.

Best wishes,

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