nicotiana - blooming

kandhi(z7VA)June 26, 2011

I love fragrant plants but I do not buy anything that says fragrant unless I check the fragrance first or hear from someone on the fragrance. But recently I bought this plant from a farmers market for $3 in 4inch pot when they said it is very fragrant nicotiana. Within 2 months it became so big and blooming craziliy. At dusk it perfumes the whole area where the pot it, it is very spicy and strong. I cannot take the fragrance for very long though. Nothing beats the fragrance of jasmines though.. If you have this plant, share your experiences with growing it and it's fragrance

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

That's the biggest nic I've every seen, Khandi. I don't think I get a fragrance from nic any more, tho I am trying it again one more time this year.

I used to grow it, many years ago. I absolutely loved it. Never found the fragrance too much, but it was in the ground. As you say, the fragrance starts at dusk, and it wafts all over the yard. The white also shows up beautifuloy at night, too.

It's hardy to light frosts, so you can start it early, and it keeps going to about 24F or so. It also self-seeds if you let it. Be sure to save some seed from it.

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Mehitabel, It grew so big and is sucking up all nutrients, other companion plants in the container cannot keepup with it. I had to remove other plants from that container. Not sure on the name of this variety but sure it is very fragrant. I will defintiey try to save some seeds from it.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Yes, I tried it in pots a few years ago, and it got potbound in no time, needed water twice a day.

Given the size and fragrance of yours, it is probably n alata. If you have room in your yard for some next year. it should do well there, too. It's poisonous, so rabbits and deer don't eat it.

Unfortunately, as I get older, I am losing the ability to pick up some scents. So enjoy yours a little for me, too :)

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