Is it dead?

christinmk z5b eastern WAMarch 4, 2008

Hello! Last fall I came on this site to see if there was any way to overwinter a scented pelargonium. I stumbled across a thread explaining how to do it- dig up plant, prune back leaves, shake off dirt, store in cool and dry dark basement. I did this. I repotted the plant last month around this time. I have kept it sufficiantly moist. I see no growth whatsoever. The "plant" is a gray/brown color. I snapped off one of its hard, brital bottom stems and the intermost section was gray. I didnt see any green. Is it dead? Do Pelargoniums put out root growth before they put out green leaf growth? Im not planning to throw it out yet, this is just for my own information, so I can stop worrying about the poor thing, lol! I alos sucsesfuly started a cutting from the plant, which is good, in case this plant doesnt make it. Thanks for any info!


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mehearty(So ME z5a)

I woild think if the inside of the stems are grey, your geranium didn't make it. I'm sorry. =( I hope someone more experienced comes along & tells me I'm wrong. Anyway, it was really good that you took a cutting!


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thanks mehearty. Yeah, I think it is dead. Its been nearly two months since I potted it, and no new growth. Ill dump it on the compost heap in a few weeks. My cutting is doing wonderfully though, and getting quite big. I even had to repot it into a gallon sized container!

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