My Bad!

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMarch 9, 2014

I have sinned. I took a cutting with no permission. I shall do penance!

A year ago we purchased a very neglected property 1.5 acres of pure overgrown neglect with a neglected home on it.

While the contractors did their remodel, we stayed at motels now and then. One day, I saw a beautiful geranium. ShhhhhI I strolled by, and snapped a cutting. I stuck it in one of the existing planters here, near a dripper and forgot about it.

It is now blooming and is light and dark pink together, but on the warm side of pink.

It's a common type and the leaves have practically no zone color.

We inherited a beautiful lavender geranium which I have stuck in the dirt here and there and now have many plants. What is this one called?

The lavender next to that warm pink will be spectacular!

The pink one only has 3 blossoms open with many to follow. Here is the pink one:

Can you ID them?



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I'm not sure what variety the first picture is. It could be any one of several varieties.

The second photo--the pink one is a variety called "Freckles" You can see by the mottling that this variety is well named

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