Rozanne Geranium in Dallas area? Will it live, grow, overwinter?

ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)March 9, 2013

Just so hot here! 100+ days last summer were 95 to well over 100!

Anyone have much luck? I'm about to put in a perennial order and not seeing it here locally ((do you ever???)) I am aiming to order quite a few pending good input. To grow in rose and perennial beds.

Have u ever found it locally?

Many thanks!

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Hi there
I grow Rozanne and other geraniums in my zone 9 west facing flower bed. I have it planted between roses and as an edging plant. I have also mixed it with thyme (love silver thyme to edge my rose beds).
It blooms and gets a little leggy but I shear it back (two haircuts per summer). Has over wintered fine. I have just divided it ( 3 years) and moved it around.
I also use Santa Barbara daisy (flea bane) as an edge plant but it really mutliples -so keep an eye on it,
Hope this helps

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