Overwintered geraniums seem to be alive!

esther_bApril 7, 2014

This was my first try at overwintering geraniums. I'm sure I did not do a perfect job, but I see a couple of the 6 sporting tiny new leaves and all have green sections of stem. I soaked them twice over the winter. The rest of the time they had an upside-down holiday barerooted in hanging paper shopping bags I hung from the clothes rod in my basement storage unit. I soaked them again today and planted them in pots to await frost-free day, which is about May 7 here in NYC. Right now, they are under lights in the living room. I hope I am right and that they made it!

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

Congrats. I'm currently in my fourth year regrowing geraniums I stored bare-root in the basement. I just remove most of the dirt from the roots and put the plants upside down in boxes on the floor in a dark basement room. The temperature down there stays above 60, which sounds high, but the plants do very well.

The first couple winters I soaked the roots a couple times, but I've found that doesn't help their survival. What I have found is that first-year plants with thinner stems just need to be restarted a little early the following spring. Once a geranium is two or more years old it will have thicker stems and will easily survive the winter. My third and fourth-year plants are so mature and thick I could leave them bare-root in the boxes through summer and they'd still be fine. Once I cut them back and pot them up in spring they begin to put out growth in about five days, and then they grow very quickly. I used to pot them up in March, but because of their high growth rate I now wait until sometime in April.

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