purple muhly grass

bagsmom(7)March 23, 2010

Are any of you growing this grass? I'm still working on my hill. Someone at Pike's recommended it. Do you think it would hold the soil on a slope well? I looked it up online. It's pretty!

If any of you grow it, how tall is it, really? (The grass part. I'm sure the fluffy purple seed pods go higher, but I am wondering about the grass blades.)

Does it have any problems with disease or pests?


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I have it, it doesn't do that well for me, but I think it is because I don't have it in enough sun. I would make sure you can give it 6 or more hours of FULL sun. Seems like it is about 18-24 inches tall in the places where I have seen it done right.

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I have several on a steep clay hill in full sun and they are doing well. Grass blades about 24" tall. It really is only fall interest. I would interplant or surround a mass with something with a longer period of interest. No diseases or pests even though they are right next to russian sages which get powdery mildew.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I think they need a lot of good drainage. Trees Atlanta has them along the curbsides of their driveways in long, narrow spots. They look great. I got a free plant with my Trees Atlanta purchases this year, but so far have had no place to plant it.

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