More fragrant white blooms of the summer...

mbuckmaster(7B/NC)June 6, 2010

The other thread won't let me reply, and since I went to the trouble to actually take pics I thought I'd start a new thread to share! =)

'Chuck Hayes' gardenia blooms...amazingly, I thought this shrub was dead in the winter and transplanted it in late January just to see if it might spring back. It has with a seems to like less sun than my other gardenias:

Some late osmanthus blooms:

'Teddy Bear' magnolia grandiflora buds:

Forgot the name of this fragrant oriental lily:


'Frostproof' gardenia, which along with the 'Chuck Hayes' survived a harsh winter, including one night of 5oF:

My potted Persian lime, blooming intermittently now:

Wild blackroot in the woods, surprisingly sweet fragrance up close:

And not exactly white, but greenish-white; 'Athens' calycanthus blooms for probably the last time this season:

Hope you enjoy!...and please share your own fragrant blooms!

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This is great. I am glad we are continuing on the fragrant whites.. Thank you, your blooms are beautiful. For me Gardenia survived 40s and couple of days of nightly 30s.. with no protection.

I was thinking of the following also..
Cestrum nocturnum,
Clerodendrum phillipinum, called cashmere bouquet,
Agalia odorata,
osamanthus, posted above,
J. polyanthum,
J. asiaticum,
Talauma candoleii,
Magnolias including above and others such as Doltsopa,
if anyone has the above and any others, please share,
Thanks again.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

mbuckmaster - I'd love to see a picture of the fully opened Teddy Bear. Also, how does it smell like?

My 2 potted Osmanthus have been blooming on-off since Winter, I wonder if it's an ever-blooming plant. It does have a very pleasing fragrance.

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Wow, beautiful blooms.
I tend to forget about just how many wonderful plants are actually 'out there' as I live in zone 2 so am limited as to what I can grow.
I have a lovely tall white plant, I believe it is Giant Soapwort, it is very hardy and very fragrant.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

here's my frostproof from this evening, I'm so proud!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

here it is, my first MA bloom.. smells so good!

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Teddy Bear has a lemony fragrance similar to the grandiflora species, but a little stronger, I think. I'll try and get some pics of the fully opened bloom soon.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Great thread, mbuckmaster. And wonderful pictures! Thanks.

kemistry-- love your gardenia 'Frostproof'. Thanks for sharing.

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