Let's trade my geranium/pelargonium

senjanevada(9)April 13, 2008

Hi there,

I have red and pink geranium, red ice and pink ivy geranium, and purple hardy geranium as the picture shown below.

I'd love to get any geranium/pelargonium other than those. Thank you.


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I have two more ivy geranium from a plant sale held by local community college nursery.

One is Red and another one is mix Red-Pink. I don't have plenty of them, only couple cutting available for trade.

Btw, let me know if anybody knew the IDs of my geraniums.

Thank you.

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sambal(z8 Seattle WA)

Hi meli. Seems like we are in the same zone. Do you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area? That last geranimum with the deeper edge is a Martha Washington. My very favorites! Technically, one is not suppose to propagate them, but I've done it. They seem to come quite readily from cuttings in late summer, early autumn. Unfortunately, I haven't had alot of success trying to overwinter geraniums. But, I think I'll give it another try this season as I now have a place that is more suitable. Anyway. I have grown several F2 Zonal geraniums from seed this winter. They NEED to be potted on now, and I expect to be able to do that this weekend...but keep them under the light unit until the weather warms up. I would be happy to trade any of them for any cuttings/plants of yours. I want to start trying to hybridize geraniums as there hasn't been alot of work done on them, and it would be nice if someday, a hardier pelagorium was marketed. I do have a pretty hardy geranium that was given to me several years ago. It is much smaller than most I have seen and the blooms just cover the plant in spring. They are a light pink. I'd be happy to trade some of those too. I need to make starts of them this season so I will definitely have some to share. As we may live in close proximity to one another, we could probably trade rooted cuttings or plants. Save postage and get to say HI. Hope to hear from you. Have a great weekend. Sincerely Sambal...(MJ).

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Hi, I live in Northern CA. My geraniums are taft. They even bloom in winter, warm CA winter.

Now, I have more color, deep pink and blend white/pink, also red that different of those on the picture. I traded mine with a local geranium lover.

I can send you rooted plants whenever possible. I've grown them from cuttings last winter, hope they are rooted now. Since I did not out color id on it, I have to wait until they bloom, they all have buds, hura.... But, I probably only able to send you cutting for ivy geraniums.

I bought mix seeds from ebay, only two germinated, I just moved them this morning to a better pot. Hope they grow soon and suprise me with the flower. I am waiting to get white flower.

I saw Martha Washington Geranium in walmart last week, but the color is different than mine. Is the one I called hardy geranium is actually geranium, and the rest what I call geranium are pelargonium? I try to ID them right (lol).

I will send you e-mail for address.

Thanks for your response.

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