Geranium in pot leaning

rebam98April 17, 2008


I am starting small with 1 geranium in a pot. It really gets battered in the wind. It has leaned to the side for the longest time. I propped it up a bit with some rocks and put it in a place where the wind wouldn't get to it as bad and it perked up a bit. But we had a bout of really nasty weather the past couple days, (while I was at work and couldn't get home ... it has been cold-around 45-70-and windy), and my geranium is back to leaning again.

Is this just the wind? Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps the little guy isn't strong enough and needs some more fertilizer? I have some slow release fertilizer mixed in with the pot but that is it. I water it about once a day if it hasn't rained. Is it not supported enough in its little pot?

Also, I have some browning of the leaves (see pic as well). Is this a sign of some kind of nutrient deficiency?

Help is appreciated!

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Hi, I'd say it's just the wind, did you just plant it up? If so I would stake it up before the roots take hold. Now as far as the leaves go they look more wind burned then anything, also I would stop watering it every day and let it dry out before you water again.

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