Any hummingbirds yet?

chezronMarch 14, 2007

Have any of you spotted any hummingbirds yet? They should be appearing pretty soon. I look forward to seeing them zipping around the garden.

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efam(z7b GA)

I have tons of birds, but no hummingbirds. I have kept the feeder attached to my kitchen window for years. When they come back, they usually come to the window and hover there for a few's like they are telling me, "Hey lady. Where's our food?"

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I saw one yesterday (I live in Stone Mountain near Tucker) seeking nectar from the flowers of my ornamental cabbages. It was a shock to see it buzzing about, I normally don't see any hummingbirds till June at the earliest. I don't think it was a ruby throat though. Of course I immediately put out my hummingbird feeders in case any more show up.

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So is it safe to assume we should go ahead and put out the feeders with the sugar solution?

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I live near Savannah, and have not seen any hummingbirds yet. I put my feeder up March 1. They are later arriving this year. Last year the first one arrived the middle of February.

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I watch their progress up the state through this website-
Just highlight this address and paste it into the address bar to go directly to the map.I hope to see some next week in Athens.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Thanks much, Chezron, for the link to the migration map. I've already sent it on to others nearby.

One thing I get so tickled about is reactions to the little darlings. All talk stops when one is spotted.

Rosie in Sugar Hill

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I have not seen any yet but I have just put out my feeders. I could not get them as clean as I would like so I am going to buy new ones today. I buy the cheap plastic ones because my hummers prefer them to the beautiful glass ones. I even exchanged the plastic and glass positions to get them to drink from the glass ones. No luck; they found the plastic ones and continued to ignore the glass ones.

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