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organic_kitten(8)July 10, 2014

I have read where others talk about change in taste in dayliles, but somehow it still surprises me that it has happened to me.

I used to love only the round bagel shaped ones, especially with eyes. I now have learned to like a lot of spiders and UFOs, and I am enjoying the ones that do not have eyes, just lovely colors or variation in shades. So far, I have dug 6 daylilies, and have more to go. I have homes for them, and potted ones plus a few that need a better home, but it has surprised me that mast of my replacements are either spiders or UFOs.

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I agree, Kay. Although I still haven't learned to love the true spiders, the UFs are probably my favorites. I'm even coming around on the eyed daylilies a little bit. I guess that's what keeps us addicted after so many years.

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I still haven't had a drastic change in tastes, and still love round bagels the most. Also one color flowers, and watermarks!
I planted a few doubles and UFs for variety, but I only like UF cascades I believe they are called.

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Nancy zone 6

Well, I don't think I've changed in my taste that much. I lik'em all! The odder the better. The only thing is, it surprises me how much I like oranges in daylilies. Orange is NOT my favorite color by any means, but that seems to be the color that attracts me in the garden. But I like rounds, spiders, UFs. I am pretty consistent in that I like big bold flowers. I am into the toothy ones right now too, mainly because I don't have any :)

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Julia NY(6)

I like a variety of forms and heights and changed a couple of years ago to more of the UF ones.
I'm just trying not to plant ones that look like ones I've got already.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

Oh, Kay....I think it would be stranger if you hadn't experienced any changes. Change is good, or so I heard a yoga instructor say, lol.

Gardens are meant to change...and if we don't make the changes, Mother Nature surely will.

Besides, it gives you something to anticipate each year. Even though favorite daylilies are like old friends that we count on seeing, there's something to be said for broadening our tastes and outlooks with the unexpected.

Think of it as trying a new entree at your favorite restaurant. :) The odds are that you'll like it, but if not, there are plenty of other choices.

Besides, ufos and spiders add movement and personality. Both good things!

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Maryl zone 7a

I guess I'm going to be contrary about this, but not all change is for the better. I've tried my first UFs this year and although they aren't bad and I might try one or two more in the future, I still like the effect my full figured gals give in the landscape. My non-daily addicted friends don't care for them as much either. I can see why others change over to them though. If you grow daylilies for years and years you just might get tired of the same-o same-o. Personally my challenge leans more towards finding a sunfast/colorfast daylily with vibrant coloring. That keeps me interested more then just form.....Maryl

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sherrygirl zone5

Have gotten my eyes opened recently as i told you. Have moved alot of plants this season and am attempting to garden under a large limbed up blue spruce. Good so far although i have moved some things there already after checking out the sun exposure again. I'm starting to think change is ok a little at a time.


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shive(6b TN)

There's never been a form I didn't like, and I've always grown a variety. But I'm finding my color taste changing. For the past 15 years, hot colors were my least favorite. But for the past two years I've been adding more oranges and red to the garden. Now I'm searching for tall yellow bagels.


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I became interested in daylilies many years ago when I got a Daylily Discounters catalog. It opened my eyes and my heart to daylilies. I loved Bill Munson's plants and still have many of them. There have been so many changes with colors and shape. I have kept my older preferences and have added the newer ones to them with the exception of the spiders.

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Maryl zone 7a

Debra: I don't have any bagels per se and from the pictures I've seen of some of them I'd probably like them. I would think that it would have to be a larger flower so that the curling back of the petals wouldn't make the overall bloom look too small. You don't hear about bagels too much and I always wondered why. Maybe the form is hard to come by on a consistent basis? Or maybe the hybridizing efforts for the full faced daylilies is so concentrated on edges that they've stopped hybridizing for the bagel effect? Now you've got me to thinking....hummmm...... If you find a good colorfast/sunfast yellow bagel I'd certainly be interested in hearing about it (or any other color for that matter). Maryl

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deangreen(7b OK)

well when I first joined the local club and said I liked all the siloam daylilies, they said, oh you only like bagels?? ha ha.
I have to admit that I still only really like the fullest formed daylilies with wide wide petals and tepals. but wouldnt' say I only liked "bagels" if by that they mean recurved petals.
I once said I'd never grow spiders, but now I do have many unusual forms. I decided just like different shaped leaves provide texture, so do different forms of daylilies.
Mrs. Henry would always throw away anything too tall and call it a "throwback" to ditch lilies. Now people seem to want tall, but I still like the short too because you might as well have color at every level.
One thing that my taste has yet to change, is growing tetraploids. although I will grow borrowed club plants, but the only tet flower I intentially bought was happy Apache. Why don't I like tets? I don't know I guess because they come about un naturally, the colors have always seemed a bit man made and un natural to me, they seem too dr. Seussical. And a lot of times they all look the same same, so do a lot of dayliies. Patterns seems to be the new trend following everything you could do with teeth. bud count and branching are forever preached. I like the solids too, and I believe there is a still a lot to be done with solids and sizes. I imagine large full blooms like Siloam Goliath but in many colors and on strong tall stems with a lot of branching up and down! :)
I think one thing experience as a collector (of anything) gives me is an eye for the different distinct new thing, well hopefully anyway. I doubt my disdain for tets will ever change, but I will say I'm open to growing spiders/UF's. but with all the wind here, it better be a strongly scaped and tall one! thanks for all the posts. fun to read. :)

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