How do I move my rooted cuttings from last year into the garden?

esther_bApril 29, 2012

Last year I took cuttings from my favorite geraniums--this one with golden leaves and burgundy leaf markings, and a very pretty pink freckled one. They are well rooted and growing under lights now. How do I introduce them to the Great Outdoors next week?


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You will have to harden them off and get them used to the UV light. That takes at least a week. If the weather is fine set them outside in a shady place. The north side of your house is fine. The next day move them to a place with dappled shade--like under a tree or where they have morning sun and are shaded the rest of the day. Every day move them a little more into the sun until they are in the sun all day. Then you can plant them

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