Growing Geraniums from Seed and Hardening them

petra.gombos(5a)April 26, 2014

Hi, I have grown geraniums from seed for the first time this year. I planted over 200 seeds and am surprised that about 75% are still growing 7 weeks later.

The weather in Toronto has been very unfriendly this past week, hovering at about 12 max for the past week and coming week with lots of rain and wind.

I am wondering when will it be safe to take them outside to harden them?

Is anyone else growing geraniums? For anyone who is interested I have photos on my wordpress at

Thanks for reading!

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Geraniums are hardy but not as seedlings. I'd wait until the weather warms a bit to harden them off. Setting them out when the weather is cold will just slow down their growth.

From your website--it doesn't look like they are in separate pots. I'd take the time while you are waiting to put them in separate pots. Otherwise their roots will be so tangled you won't be able to get them apart. They are a long way from flowering. I start my geraniums in February and they are just starting to bloom when I set them out in May

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Hi there, ok, thank you I will repot them but I am running out of room! I never anticipated that almost all of them would sprout from seed. I then guestimate that they will begin to bloom in June since I planted at beginning of March. Do you recall how many leaves they have before blooming sets in?

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