Do annual Gerniums really need full sun?

dcrosby(5MA)April 6, 2011

I'm in love with an annual Geranium 'Stardon Purple' from Burpee

My garden is pretty much out of direct sunlight. It's not shade...just not too sunny

What do ya'll think?



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I find that my geranium's do much better out of direct sun. I think yours will be fine.

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Annual - zonal - geraniums are best in full sun. They are extremely heat and sun tolerant. They will tolerate some shade but it can affect blooming. Bright indirect light is fine.

I grew this variety last season - the coloring is very intense.....almost with a neon or iridescent cast. Gorgeous!!

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The biologists that turn out plants do so according to how a plant uses sunlight and while some can do well, some very well in low light, all must have some light.
Others respond to high levels of light and do not respond well to low light. A plant that requires full sunlight is one that might do something in less light, but for it to do its best the light level must be according to its genes.

Flowering plants look their best, do their best, last longer, with better health if given what light they can absorb.
If we appreciate that fact then we will achieve more enjoyment giving a plant what it needs and if we cant provide for them we look for other plants that can do with less.
The exposure we give a plant---north, east, west, south--- can have a great deal to do with how a plant puts out its best.
South and west are the brightest, hottest. East is less intense, the morning sun and will do fine for plants that can get along with less but still bright light; and north is often given plants that cannot take bright light. Often though a north exposure will do nothing for a plant and the grower, if expecting more, will be disappointed and maybe put the blame on the plant and not where it should be.

There are ways to increase intensity where there is low light. Putting a plant near a white surface such as a wall or fence. Light can be reflected, deflected back onto a plant. A corner where light is allowed to enter, but where the temperature is better, can influence a plant to grow and bloom better.
Of course the soil the plant is growing in will greatly influence its healthy growth and bloom. Fertilizer and soil amendments can help overcome difficulties but its the amount of light the plant gets that ultimately decides what the plant does.

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