pepperoni21(9)April 13, 2009

I went out side yesterday and niticed somthing different on my Red Geranium. It was a cluster of flowers that were more of a mauve pink color. I have another Gernaium that is a magenta color with red dots in the middle of the flower petals. I looked closer at the strange clump n my Red Geranium and found the same red spots that were on the magents are now on my Red Geranium, but it is a darker red. Also, my magenta geranium has huge petals and theyre ruffled. My red geranium has small petals that are more pointy. The strange cluster on the Red Geranium had the big ruffled flowers. I have noticed a ywllow and green butterfly hanging around and sticking his "tongue" into the flowers. Also their is a bumble bee that also enjoys my geraniums. Is it possible that my Geraniums were mixed? And is so what do I need to do? Thank you.

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