Damaged roots

PoorOwner(Northern CA)April 1, 2005

While transfering the potted Zonal Geranium (3 gallon) to my planter, I actually had the root ball broke up. It is actually 3 seperate plants. Needless the say the roots are very delicate and it broke quite a except for a trail under the bulb is still intact.

I planted them carefully and watered but this afternoon the leaves are curling up. It is probably because the roots cannot supply for the amount of leaves?

Should I prune some of the leaves and flowers and let it start over, or will it recover again? Should I fertilize it at this point to promote root growth?

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flyskyhigh40(z17 N.Ca)

I had to dig about 30 geraniums and pelargoniums out of agapantha(from hell)and had the same thing happen. I cut the major stalk in half,kept it watered well and fed it, and kept up with pulling off dead leaves. It took about a month, but they recovered. Some are actually just a stalk with a bloom at the top--wierd, but alive and pretty!

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