Stephanotis (madagascar jasmine) will not flower

sunslight(Utah z5-6)June 12, 2008

I have a Stephanotis (madagascar jasmine) that I got to grow from seed. \

It's doing well for the past 10 yrs, except it has never bloomed. What good is a fragrant plant if it won't put out a blossom, even one?

I live in Utah, so it becomes a house plant in the fall/winter/spring.

I have threatened it, talked nicely to it, cut it back severly, pinched out new growth, let it grow as much as it can, used fertilizer, withheld fertilizer, kept it moist, kept it dry, when out doors put it so the 20' of vine is in the sun with the roots of the plant in the shade, placed it so the whole plant is in shade, placed it so the whole plant is in the sun, even beat it with a stick--but it won't put out a flower.

These things are so difficult to start from seed, I hate to just throw it out, especially if there is some simple or even complicated thing to do to get it to bloom, either outdoors or the 9 months it is indoors. --I have an orange tree indoors, that sets wonderful orange blossoms. I have orchids too. But what am I doing wrong with my jasmine?

I've propagated it by cutting after cutting (anybody want cuttings) and still no luck. Changed the soil to acid, neutral, alkaline, sandy, peaty, miracle-gro.

I called the ag. dept. and asked if there were such a thing as only a male stephanotis, or one that doesn't set flowers. They told me, no.

Any ideas as to what to do next?

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I have the same problem, I have one that I bougth from TT 5year and it never bloomed. I took it outdoors in summer and brought it back inside for winter. Looks very healthy but refuses to bloom. It is rootbound in 6inch container. Someone suggested leaving it rootbound encourages blooms, but no luck with that either. Sometimes feel like throwing it out......

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hi, sorry to hear that. i have had some success so i will share my experience with you. mine has been blooming every year so far. it is in a coconut fiber pot so the water drains well after watering: i water about once a week. it is not root bound because the pot is much bigger than what it needs. in the summer it is in the sunroom at the west window. in the winter it is in my family room north window. i give it epsom salt, coffee, superthrive, seaweed extract, worm casting, and i spray it with spray & grow once in a while. i also use orchid flowering fertilizer. i think i have only taken a cutting off it once. it has not bloomed yet this year: last summer it bloomed twice.
good luck.

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>I have threatened it, talked nicely to it, cut it back severly, pinched out new growth, let it grow as much as it can, used fertilizer, withheld fertilizer, kept it moist, kept it dry, when out doors put it so the 20' of vine is in the sun with the roots of the plant in the shade, placed it so the whole plant is in shade, placed it so the whole plant is in the sun, even beat it with a stick--but it won't put out a flower.

Amazing. Quite a survivor you have their.

Have to tried to control *humidity* as opposed to just watering?

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Mine bloomed like crazy for the first time in five or six years when I supplemented its southern exposure in my window with a 400 watt high intensity plant light and used a humidifier. I also fertilized it with a weak fertilizer that had trace minerals.

It then got bugs, but that's another story. It's outside now.

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Have you tried couples therapy? ;>)

Sorry, couldn't resist -- the nursery I worked at last year had some huge, tangled messes in 10-15 gallon pots that got no special treatment at all and still bloomed, I think this one is just persnickety sometimes. At home in Madagascar, it's the cool, dry, bright winter followed by a warm, wet, humid spring that triggers buds, so I wonder if the problem in spring is too much light with low humidity? I know hoyas will drop buds in low humidity at times, so the key may be managing this, although exactly how you do this outside in Utah, uh, I dunno. Also, too much fertilizer makes more growth, but no flowers, so go light and infrequent. Finally, consider getting one of the more reliable fragrant hoyas, and put the two together so they can have a nice long talk!


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sunslight(Utah z5-6)

Thanks for all the info.

It sounds like it's a humidity problem.

When I put it outside in the summer, there's not much I can do for the humidity, except maybe build a greenhouse for it : ) --our humidity in Utah summer is around 20% or less. That's not very good for anything, people included.

I think I need couples therapy, that is with my plants (my wife and I are a lost cause--oops, did i say that?)

Maybe I should not put it out in the summer?

Last summer was the 1st time in 5 yrs that I put it outdoors.

It grew like a weed--have the roots in a 5 gal container, in shade, outside the basement. It vined up to ground level and would have gone on the roof had I not twined it around a support. But nary a flower.

It's pretty hard to grow tropicals in Utah. But my orchids are okay, Plumerias just went outside--they are putting out leaves, my Gardenias are becoming toast--and there is one, very orange, orange on my Valencia orange tree, that is a pot plant, now outside. My mignonette, bit the dust.

I envy all you who have success with your fragrant plants. I'm glad somebody gets to enjoy them. thanks for the help and enlightenment. I'm going to go have another chat with the Stephanotis...

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annebert(6b/7a MD)

I also have had a stephanotis for about 7-8 years that has never bloomed - from a cutting I bought in Hawaii. It goes out every summer here where humidity is about 99%. Go figure.

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just want to let you know that mine is blooming now - about 10 clusters and the fragrance is very strong this year. I had put it in the sunroom at the window with western exposure early march and the temp. in the sunroom was 50F. till end of may. then the temp. started slowly rose. we have had high humidity this summer - lots of rain almost daily. so I think that Jimshy is probably right - it needs dry cool bright weather to set the buds and high humidity to flower and have fragrance.

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I have the same problem with my Steph..It was bought in the 90's..a little twig of a plant. I potted in a small plastic pot, kept in a south never did a thing. In fact, I was going to toss, (about 3 yrs later) when I noticed a little green sprout..It was then I repotted, fertiilzed, placed in the bathroom, (west exposure.) It grew like crazy..but never flowered..
For those of you who get yours to bloom, what type of fertlizer/s do you use? All purpose or flowering? Would alternating be a good idea?
This yeear it's outdoors. Humidity has been high, but still no flowers.
I was under the impression Stephs bloomed in early spring..if they didn't bloom then, one had to wait until the following spring?? Is this true or false?
Its leaves are dark green, growing on a home made, (round, shaped hanger.) The upstairs bathroom is cool in winter, and is humid since we all shower at least once a day, plus daily misting and wkly showering.
Does the Steph need certain soil conditions? Acidic?
Everyone talks about how difficult Gardenias are, especially getting one to bloom..I wonder if Stephs are second in

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This is my 6th year with the plant. It is still in 6inch pot rootbound. Every year it puts out lot of new growth and grows 2ft tall. Absolutely no blooms, I tried all methods mentioned above, but nothing works to make it bloom. I will give it away this year, don't want to bring it indoors and maintain it since I have many other plants to tend indoors during winter.

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hello, toni, i also thought that steph's bloom in the spring but mine is blooming now and has been for the past month or so. i think that it does need a cold period to trigger the bloom but once it has bloomed once, and the flowers drop, it reblooms on the little knobby things much like the way a hoya blooms. we have wide temp. swings here between night and day and it was an especially cold spring this year. last year, it had actually bloomed in the spring then again in the summer. i fertilize it with mainly orchid fertilizer: msu, superthrive, seaweed, epsom salt, spray and grow - a bit of coffee now and then, worm casting, probably as few others that i can't remember. i wait until it is quite dry before i drench it with water and fertilizer. if my son will download the photos, i will post it for you to see. the gardenia tree i bought last year is having a really difficult time this year. it is just barely hanging on to dear life. i am wondering if it will survive this coming winter. happy growing.

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Hi sunslight,
Where in utah are you located? I am in kaysville. I would love some cuttings of your jasmine. I have a gardenia that I would trade you for your cuttings or better yet a rooted plant. It blooms easily and is quite happy. I have a greenhouse with very high humidity, so maybe thats why the gardenia is happy.

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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

OK, I am growing stephanotis outside in southern california, the temp today is 100, the humidity is less than zero, and mine is doing fine. It bloomed in the spring and is budding up again. It is partially covered under a patio, and the rest gets morning sun. It is in a huge pot, maybe 2 feet tall, 20 inches wide, with impatiens. I really think that the trick is to give it strong morning light. When I had it in full shade, it did not bloom. When I had it in afternoon sun, it burned badly.

When I have a stubborn plant that won't bloom, I always try more morning light as it is less intense than afternoon. I also use a very high bloom fertilizer (look at the middle number). Once you get it to set buds, do not use a fertilizer with any nitrogen again (like an 0-10-10)! Nitrogen is the first number. That will get you great vines and leaves, no flowers. That's why it's great for grass!

In addition, I have started adding vinegar to my water, maybe 1-2 teaspoons per gallon. It acidifies the soil and allows the plant to take up nutrients from the soil. This has made a huge difference to my plants. They are so dark green and lush! Feel free to use the vinegar with the fertilizer.

Let me know how it goes.

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I had the same problem. My plant was 10+ years old, and I'd long resigned myself to it being nothing but a foliage plant. Then someone on one of these forums suggested epsom salts. I just apply a pinch to the soil surface every Spring when I put it outside and water it in well. It's bloomed like crazy every year (5 years now) since, with no other changes. Also, this year it produced a fruit! Give it a try........

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I have had a madagascar jasmine for 3 years now. the first year hd a few flowers and the second year there was nothing. I untangled the vines,started watering it twice a week by soaking it and letting it drain. I used mariacle grow food and mist it in te early mornings and i have maybe 50 bunches if not more. So it seems that less was more. Hope this helps.

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Somewhere I read not to turn a Steph around when in bloom or it will have a tendency to drop blooms. Has anyone experienced this?


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Howdy All..I've been sooo busy hauling plants outdoors. It's late in the season, I know, but June was terrible. Never in my life, a long one, lol, do I recall such a cold, dreary month. 3 or 4 wks back the sun was shining, and temps were in the 90's..Suddenly we have non-stop rain, and very cold weather. Not sprinkles but heavy fact, our neighbors tree fell on our house..part landed on top of plants including my tree Gardenia. Another story.

ID, is Madagascar Jasmine the same as Steph? I've heard the common term, but for some reason think it's a Jasmine..No?

Sande, rotating a budding Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving Cactus while in bud/bloom is a big No-No, but never heard that about Stephs..But when a plant starts to bud, I never move or turn it around. Buds need sun to bloom, so if the buds are facing light, then turned away, there's a chance they'd drop.,..I'm not positive on this point, but wouldn't want to take chances, especially with a hard-to-get-to-bloom plant or one that blooms once a year.
But when a plant isn't in bloom, it's a good idea rotating 1/4, once a week or so, so all foliage gets light. Toni

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Yes, Stephanotis is Madagascar Jasmine (cue Sasha Baron Cohen singing "I Like to Move It, Move It")

I've seen a couple of these in bloom around town in recent weeks, so I think the season can be variable, sometimes the buds take forever to mature and open. I suspect nurseries can manipulate blooms a bit by keeping 'em colder and dryer for a month or so then upping the light and watering.

I never move a plant in bud. Except when I forget. ;>)


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Jim, thanks. Oddly enough, many moons ago I ID'd plants by common names, and in many cases, still do.
In the 80's, I knew Steph as, Madagascar Jasmine, but totally forgot its common name since.

Hey, we disco-dancing today? lol

I started to ask if you thought nurseries forced Stephs into bud, (like they do w/Azaleas) when I reread your post, basically questioning the same
So you think cold and dry aoil promotes budding?
If so, how many weeks of dry soil is needed? And how cold is cold? My Steph is in an upstairs bathroom, west window. Withholding water isn't much of a problem. The bathroom is semi-unheated, but not cold. Perhaps a tad cool. If you have any idea on temps, next winter/spring I can move my Steph to a cooler room, and withhold watering..Thanks, Toni

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What I've read is night temps need to go down into the mid to low 50s, I'd say for at least 6 weeks, consistently, and watering can be cut back to once every other week. If possible, light should be bright, at least a half day's sun up north. and no fertilizer at all.

The ones at the nursery I worked at were crammed into a warehouse with sodium vapor lamps overhead and minimal heating and were watered when somebody remembered to, then brought out onto a blazing hot pier next to the harbour and watered almost daily in hot weather. These were over six feet tall behemoths, so I suspect they could stand more abuse than the average house plant.

Hope this helps!


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Good luck with this one. I made a promise to myself to never buy one, unless sell my home here and move into my house into the carribeans! I am sure this plant would love to be there with me..

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I wonder if this plant has a huge appetite for calcium and magneesium such as citrus.
Some one here said it bloom after using epsom salts which is mag. HUM.. Wonder what essientail nutrient needs are required for this plant? Wonder if feeding nitrogyn based fertilizers messes things up?

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Jim, 50's huh? Well, the only option I'd have is to set my Steph in the back plant room where temps get very very cool. But then I have a sun issue. Windows face south and east, but the south doesn't get much sun. I do keep a Gro light on, which would help.
Our climate is strange. 50's for six wks would be difficult since seasons changed. Spring is a season of the past..same with autumn.
6' tall Stephs..Did you end up with one? One would have followed me
Thanks for the info..We'll's in the 50's now, but lots of rain.

Mike, I think minerals would help keep Stephs green. My Steph gets Iron twice a year, no yellow leaves. But still no blooms..You should buy

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this is 7th yr in a row that I have not had a single bloom on the stephanotis that bought from TT,florida in 2003. I bought another plant in local nursery in Feb with blooms in 6inch pot, I repotted it into 8inch pot since it was rootbound in tight peat mix. The plant grew well after that and it started blooming again and the blooms are absolutely beautiful. The flowers last very long with wonderful fragrance. I have given the other plant that never bloomed under same environment conditions to one of my neighbors and wisher her good luck with it. Below is the pic from my new stephanontis.

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jason83(Zone 8b/9a (North Florida))

I have been growing these in containers and also successfully overwinter them outdoors here in N. Florida with a lot of protection, as we get down to the mid-low 30's for a few weeks. It took me 3 years to figure out how to get the ones in containers to flower.

The trick is to let them get slightly pot-bound and to give them a dormant period.... sort of. Hopefully I can clarify here: The reason they flower more when pot bound is actually because the pot dries out faster in between waterings. I don't know for sure if actually being root bound helps, but it certainly does when it comes to drying out faster.

These types of vines are unlike true Jasmines in that they don't necessarily need cooler temperatures to create buds, but they need the soil to be dry. About 3-4 or so months of the year you will notice the plant tries to stop creating new growth, and generally it will be around the same time you bring them indoors to overwinter (for me it is Nov-Feb).

Keep the pot on the dry side, but not to the point of chronic wilting during this "dormant" period, and only fertilize with coffee grounds (they like slightly acidic soil), seaweed and fish emulsion, if at all. Avoid dosing too much nitrogen if you can help it.

When new growth starts emerging again (by around Feb.), start fertilizing with a mixture that is a bit higher in phosphate. Do one fertilizing with a higher phosphate mix, then another that's balanced, then a higher phosphate mix, etc (rotate the fertilizing). And keep topping off the soil with those coffee grounds and maybe a banana peel or two! Stephanotis prefer slightly acidic soil pH.

One more thing and then I'll go (sorry for the rambling!): while here in FL it is very humid and the plants love it, it's not so humid here indoors. What REALLY helps me with this is to fill a planter tray full of rocks, gravel, shards, etc and place the pot on TOP of the rubble, so that the pot does not get waterlogged. Then when you water, the evaporation from the tray helps with humidity quite a bit.

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You see, here is where I think lies problem for people like me who try flowering these in the North through winter.

In the winter, when we are suppose to let them dry out, the leaves wilt quickly, almost die...I have to constantly water to stop them from drying to much. One time I did, and I lost it from under watering.

Maybe the reason why many say they need a lot of humidity, sort of what a greenhouse provides up here in the winter, is so the leaves can stay hydrated while the roots dry out. Sort of like the same enviroment that Orchids need...
I suppose if one can get an Orchard to rebloom after a winter, then one can get this plant to bloom..

I have never been able to get these to rebloom, in fact, the only buds that are on them that havn't opened yet after I bring it home from the nursery, shrivel up and fall off..

I love this plant, but only when first bought, because from then on, I can never get it to look the same..If I provide all the humidity they say these things need, then I would cause a moldy problem in my home..:-(


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mike, don't give up, if you are growing citrus, plmeria's and other tropicals in your area you should be able to grow stephanontis, My plant is still blooming, I have it outside on my deck in shaded area, not under full sun as they can't handle it. In winter I never watered my plant on regular schedule, it stays in basement for humidity near a window for indirect sunlight.

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jason83(Zone 8b/9a (North Florida))

I have two very good suggestions to help try and remedy a possible humidity issue with regards to giving the Stephanotis their dormant period while preventing wilt and death. Both of these work especially well if you don't have the time or energy to frequently mist the plant throughout the day every day.

1) Place the pot on top of a planter tray full of rocks, gravel, shards, etc. The drainage water will accumulate in this tray, and since the pot is on top of the substrate, you don't have to worry about the pot becoming saturated and waterlogged. This drain water will evaporate and increase humidity surrounding the pot and plant.

2) Cover the plant with plastic. This will keep moisture and humidity in while allowing the soil to dry out more during the dormant period. Smaller plants you could use a soda bottle or gallon jug with the bottom cut and place it on top of the soil in a pot. For larger vines, place 4 sticks in each corner of the pot and get a large transparent or translucent trash bag and make a "tent" over the trellis and vine.

Both of these would prevent leaf and stem wilt while allowing the soil to be dry during the dormant period. Then after a couple of months it should begin to produce buds and flower as it begins creating new growth once more. If #1 is not enough, then apply #2 as well.

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Wow..Thank you jason for those excellent ideas...

Last year, I had a humidfyer going and my room started to develope mold on the walls near the windows..Not good..At the advice of many on the forums, I shut if off, and cooled the room...

I just might grab myself a small one and try one of these techniques..

Thank you Kandhi for the encouragement. Thank you..


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

This is a very interesting discussion. I just bought one from xxx. I hope It blooms easily like Khandi's second one, and not like her first!

But at least I have the tip to keep it dryish this winter. About humidity-- some hope once the furnace kicks in.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

This has been a great thread, very informative. Just got a stephanotis, but all old growth, not one bit of new on it. At least now I know how to winter it! Hopefully can get some new growth on it next year for blooms.

Kandhi-- your steph is gorgeous! Thanks for the picture.

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Mehitabel, I was so excited to see the blooms, felt like sharing with everyone. I did not do anything special to the 2nd plant that I bougth, yet it was blooming very will since last 2 months.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Kandhi--I'll bet! I'd be thrilled to have such a beauty, too!

I bought my steph from TT-- I hope it doesn't turn out to be a dud like your first one. But your picture has convinced me to keep trying to find one that will bloom like that :)

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:I bought my Stephanotis in early spring full of flowers. I left the plant with my daughter while we went away for a two week vacation. During that time the flowers all died and it hasn't flowered since. I've since repotted it, as it was growing like a weed. I've had it indoors infront of a window, placed it outsided in Southern exposer and nothing. I'm hoping that it won't be years before it blooms again or if it blooms at all.
I haven't fertized it yet, so that is my next attempt. Although this seems to be a common problem!

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Moi, I am not sure what zone you are in but if you bought the plant with flowers then it sure should bloom for you providing the following condtions
Move the plant outside if the temp in your area are above 55 degrees.
Do not overwater the plant unless the toplayer is dry
Have the plant in semi shade area not in full sun, maybe morning sun. They cannot take afternoon sun/heat
If it had not started with buds then fertilize it. If there are buds alredy do not fertlize the plant. Once buds are set do not move or change the plant location as the buds abord and fall off. This is based on my experience with the plant.
My plant is currently setting buds all over the vine and I am excited to check on the blooms. I love their subtle fragrance and the blooms stay for very long time. I will post the pic soon.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

I have a small one that I bought several years ago on-line. I don't even remember the name of the place. Same story as all, never bloomed.
Friday we were at Wegmans Food Store, I couldn't believe it when I saw all these Stephanotis!! They have them in for Valentines Day! Well, I had to buy one in bloom! Now after reading all these posts, I have a feeling the buds that did NOT open yet, will probably NOT open ever........ And I purposefully bought one that had buds so they would open when I got it home............ I have it in the living room beside a regular lamp. Our house is usually on the cold side. I guess I better enjoy the few flowers that are open while they last.............

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skippy, I saw them in homedepot and they put them on sale after valetines to 50% and I bought 2 as gifts for my frieds. They are full with buds. This is what I can share based on my experience with this plant. Leave the plant in same pot for 2-3 weeks and water it only when it totally dry. Stephanotis do not like wet feet. Yes, you may see some buds not opening and some dropping due to climate/location change. I would place the pot in a filtered sun area for now. I am guessing your's is in 6inch pot if it is rootbound repot the plant in late march and move it outside in May. Once it settles in new pot with proper watering and fertilization I am pretty sure it will bloom again in your zone in July - Aug. I bought my stephanotis the same way did during valentines time 2 years ago, it is now 4ft tall and is in my sunroom. It's been blooming every summer without fail. I hope it does the same for you.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

Thanks for the reply. The buds are still there but not one has opened. In fact, the few that were opened when I bought it have closed. None have fallen off, yet.
Just curious, did your friends buds open??

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Skippy, My friends also said their stephanontis buds did not open, becoming yellow and falling off. My plant behaved the same way when I bought it 2 years ago but it is doing good now, don't give up. You will sure be rewarded with new buds/blooms in summer once you move it outside.

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Kaulad(H1 (9))

I'm at 1400' in Kau District, Hawaii, Hawaii. Mine is growing on a trellis next to a large group of Apple bananas. I've notice that when the bananas overhang the trellis, the flowering slows/stops necessitating some whacking back of the bananas. It is planted in the ground (we have very little soil, more like a thin plaster between the rocks), gets rainwater off the roof and has a very large seed pod this year. It seems to thrive in full sun and needs very little attention. I dose with triple 16 twice a year and its portion is about 1/2 a cup.

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Hi, All , I have one grow from seed as well, For 5 years it has never bloomed . I have tried everything but still no bloom. It may sound crazy, but I am wondering if anyone here knows whether the Stephanotis grow from seed has gendar differences??? Maybe mine is a boy.

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

This is an older post, but I thought I should go ahead and add to the wonderful discussion. Hope this will give promise to those struggling with Stephanotis floribunda. I had mine (grown from a rooted cutting through a trade) grew quickly and had been transplanted into a large 16" pot. it thrived and covered trellis quickly, but did not flower. It was a house plant in winter and outdoors in summer. I tended it for 5+ years- nothin'! Finally this spring it changed its mind and bloomed :) This was after a local move and I had lost several of my fragrant plants, so it was a wonderful treat. it has continued to bloom sparingly through summer, and even set one HUGE fruit! Not sure how to harvest seed, please let me know if you have any tips.
Anyway, I am not sure if seed grown plants take 5-6 years before they set buds. This could be why any cuttings taken from such plants also don't produce flowers. Just my two cents. Now that mine has set flowers, I will try to propagate some cuttings. it smells heavenly!

Happy gardening,

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Blooming in May
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