Night-scented pelargonium

jenn(SoCal 9/19)April 23, 2011

I purchased a still-unnamed species of a night-scented geranium a few years ago. It is summer-dormant and begins growing new stems in fall. It is supposed to bloom in winter, but I don't recall mine ever blooming. It is in a small glazed ceramic pot in the same gritty soil from when I purchased it a few years ago.

To encourage it to bloom, I was told to pot it up to a larger (2-gal) pot in fall when it emerges from dormancy.

Does anyone here grow night-scented geraniums? I'd love to know others' experiences.

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Hi! I just ordered the gouty geranium off Ebay (!!) and it's VERY pretty, can't wait to put it in a pot. Full of leaves, shows no signs of going dormant. I have no experience with these. The grower is-- colonialgardens-- I think, just put it in the search.
I am somewhat disheartened to read online, that after all the purple prose I have read about their wonderful nighttime scent.. someone likened it to "pink candy peanuts" YUK. I hope not. My husband thinks it would be very funny if that were true.
I plan on using regular potting soil (which is what it looks like it's in) and just being careful about the water.
the leaves are soft, and a very ususual color of green- hard to describe.

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I am very interested in Night Blooming Geranium.
I see some plants being offered on ebay right now. It seems that, as of July, they are not dormant.
Does anyone have an update on the dormancy cycle of this plant - or of special interest to me - the fragrance?
What would you compare it too?
Matt Di Clemente

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