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lily51(OH 5)April 3, 2011

In case anyone encounters this problem when trying to grow geraniums from seed:

Last year was my first year growing geraniums from seed. Started in Dec, did well until it was time to trim back the center for them to branch, then lower leaves started turning yellow/red and falling off.

From investigation found out that

1) our well water has low Ca:Mg ratio

2) geranium seedlings/plants need a higher Magnesium content.

So last year i had to dip them in a weak solution of epsom salts to bring them out of it.

This year started them in Jan,they are doing wonderful, and I am using a fertilizer with a higher %Mg in it.

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I wont dispute the research you've done....if you think magnesium is the savior of your plant then OK....
but when watering a plant when a well is the source of water, then you have to look at possibly its not magnesium.....but salt that is doing the yellowing.
Hopefully you water your plants--including your garden--from a tap off the system--otherwise you are encouraged to speak to a plumber about using instead of salt...potassium..which doesn't affect plants.

A lot of talk has gone into the benefits of epsom salts...especially when dealing with vegetables...notably tomatoes. Epsom salts will bring the red out of a lazy tomato. A lot of people swear by its use usually suggesting their plants are bigger, more bloom, more robust...and so on and so on.....but they don't suggest they grow one plant over here with E.S...and another over here...without it and then have something to compare to.
But as long as they are happy--as long as you are happy, then who's to say different.

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