Star Jasmine eating the side of my house

dancegypsy(7)June 7, 2012

It doesn't look like the message I posted yesterday actually made it onto the board. Makes me sad, as I hate to have to reconstruct a post.

I have a Star Jasmine which I planted about 25 years ago at the end of my front porch. It has turned into that plant in Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey, but mine is trying to eat my house instead of people. I continually have to pull the vines out of my siding and off the porch railing/support post or they'd make a break for it across the roof.

I am trying to wait for it to quit blooming, so I can cut it back, but it shows no sign of stopping... longest blooming season I've ever seen this plant go through. Maybe it overheard me talking about what I plan to do.

At any rate, the vines weep a milky substance whenever you cut them and I want to cut it back severely, even if this might be the wrong time of year. It actually pulled the porch corner post out of the concrete this year (which will have to be repaired once the vine is out of the way). I'm going to transplant it to the chain link fence in the backyard and hope that it continues its vigorous growth habit there.

Do you have any suggestions for how to best proceed in cutting back this huge old plant for a successful outcome? I can't imagine it not losing a ton of moisture from all the weeping it will do. ~ Thanks

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Nothing? No help?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

By Star Jasmine do you mean Trachelospermum jasminoides? I'm assuming yes by your milky liquids coming from the cut branches description. If so I'm amazed it has survived your zone 7 garden for 25 years!

Here is a link that might be useful: Is this your plant?

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I have the same vine, but mine is a lot younger than yours.
Cut whatever you ahve to cut back now.
Don't let it get to your roof.
In the fall, end of September, very carefully move it.
It sounds very large, so be careful to try to get as many roots as possible.
Then mulch it real good.
It might take to the new spot, or not.
In any case, you have to move it.
Good luck, I had no idea they got that big.
Mine is out front like yours, next to the siding, oh my.

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Robert1971: Thank you!! Not only did you identify my plant for me, but the information in that link was great. It is absolutely a Confederate "Jasmine" -- quotes, because now I know. Also, thanks to you and my trip outside to double check the flowers, I now have a little bud vase sitting on my computer desk with two sprigs of flowers in it. Heavenly!

Butterfly4u: Thanks very much. What you described is in line with what I have planned to do, with the exception that I'll have to cut it back and transplant it now, rather than September. DH will not tolerate it on the house any longer. I was thankful it survived the blooming season, which -- strangely enough -- is still in full force. It started blooming early, with this really warm spring and it's still going great guns.

Robert, at least now I can check a few nurseries, etc. for their recommendations. The main trunk is almost as big around as my wrist, so I'm thinking that even two feet out, the branches are going to flood with that latex when I cut it. I wonder if there is anything that will seal it on contact?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

You're welcome! Your sticky juice comment gave it away. ;)
I don't grow it but now that you know the botanical name you might be able to find good info online about cutting it back, etc. :)


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oh my gosh! confederate jasmine!
i've been planting star jasmine for 2 years in hopes of recreating my childhood home's abundant fragrance of gigantic jasmine hedges, & all along i've been planting the wrong thing. thank you so much gardenweb, now i know what to look for! i so envy those of you 'battling' this bush!

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