can you recommend h. geranium 18' high blooms in may not johnsons

reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)May 4, 2005

Hi. I am thinking about putting down a bunch of hardy geraniums so as to reduce the patches of mulch in my mostly shrub garden. But I am a bit confused over the number of geraniums available! What i am looking for is a fast spreader, with MAY flowers, and otherwise good looking no more than 18" high. The geraniums will cover ground under a rose of sharon as well as some shrubby rose bushes and will only get some and not much morning sun... in another area they will get more sun around some other roses.

Thanks so much for your expertise on this!

Newbie to geraniums!


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Can's swear as to the May bloom, but here is one sold by Bluestone:

GERANIUM Nimbus-Cranesbill - Medium 20" - Plant 16" apart. zone 4-8. Arguably as good, or better than G. Johnson's Blue. Very floriferous and vigorous. Blue flowers with a pale center over attractive mounds of dissected leaves.

It blooms Late Spring, Early summer -> Summer, which is the same description they have for Mac.Bevan's Variety , which is just now coming into bloom in my yard. And I live near you.

Or you might try GERANIUM Wargrave Pink Medium - Plant 18" apart Shorter than Claridge Druce, 20" with salmon pink flowers. An old garden friend.

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reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)

Thanks! Off to the nursery tomorrow! : )

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